Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stoppage Time ...

Just a few odds and ends ... a kind of recap of the awesome Memorial Day weekend!

* Did some awesome fishing both on Friday and Monday ... probably the best freshwater fishing of my life. First, on Friday, I caught about a 25 inch Rainbow Trout at the bottom of Swarthmore Falls (couldn't believe a giant like that would be living in such a small hole). On Sunday, I pulled in two 4-lb large-mouth bass (never caught a bass that big). I did so well, I didn't even mind the sunburn that I got.

* I finally got to taste the cream ale that my brother and I brewed .... let me tell you, it turned out PHENOMENAL! It was nicely carbonated, and had a real smooth taste. We'll be starting our next brew in a couple of weeks!

* Lots of barbecuing, which means lots of burgers and hot dogs. I had burgers on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ... and let me tell ya, I didn't mind!

* My friend Slant and I decided to play tennis on Monday ... it was probably a good thing for me to work off a bunch of that beer and food from the weekend ... although I'm suffering now.

* It was great to see the Phillies take two of three from those hated Yankees this weekend.

*Great, now back to the grind ... sigh.


Reverse said...

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El Padrino said...