Sunday, May 17, 2009

Political "Incorrectness"

As most of you probably know, I try not to talk politics ... I have my own beliefs, but respectfully try not to push them on people ... at the same time, I don't mind having intelligent conversations regarding politics from time to time. Unfortunately, it seems that most people (at least the vocal ones) have really strong (blind, stubborn, etc.) beliefs, and refuse to engage in intelligent discussions, choosing instead to belittle others who don't agree with their "party."

First, let me say that both sides of the aisle unfortunately participate in this idiotic pissing party ... from politicians, to radio talk show hosts, to newspaper writers, to bloggers, and even my friends - heck, I have friends who are republicans and democrats ... for the most part, they can speak, and more importantly, listen intelligently when discussing political issues ... however, I do have a couple of friends who are phanatical about their politics, and unfortunately, are unable to participate in intelligent political discussions ... I remember a party at my house where two of my best friends got into a fist-fight over politics ... folks, that's just ridiculous. Those two friends are no longer permitted to talk politics when they are in my presence.

Recently, I heard of a political spat among some of my blogger friends (I won't divulge any names) - instead of using the forum as a place to discuss each ideology in an intelligent manner, some of these bloggers chose to act like complete imbeciles. If you can't participate in a "smart" discussion on politics, where you are able to at the very least listen to the other side's perspective (so that you can get a better idea where they are coming from), maybe you should at some point try and grow up. It's a free country folks - you're allowed to have your own beliefs, and they don't necessarily have to be the same as another person ... that's what makes this country great. Otherwise, it would be a dictatorship ... or maybe a cult, right?


snowelf said...

Me and one of my best friends in the world cannot see eye to eye on politics at all. Which is so crazy because we have so much in common in other ways, but he has that loud, I am right--You are wrong attitude when it comes to his beliefs. (You may remember the post I wrote about that.) It got so bad, I stopped speaking to him because our conversations because a complete character bash of me because of my political beliefs. He decided our friendship was worth more to him than smashing me over the head with his political views and is now respecting our friendship and agreed not to talk about politics around me anymore and I'm glad he did.


Heff said...

I usually just let political differences "go", myself.

El Padrino said...

you talking bout me willis?


Los said...

No sir, ElP, not you.

Lisa said...

I totally agree ... religion and politics are not good party chatter. Music and vulture's coffee are much more my speed. ... babs