Tuesday, September 08, 2009

80's Corner

As a young Los, wading his way through his early life, Los's Mom introduced him to a magical juice that came in a pouch ... one in which Los had to craftily punch a hole in said pouch with a flimsy plastic straw that broke more times than it should've. The juice? Capri Sun, of course!

At the time, it was unlike any packaging juice has ever seen ... sure, we had bottles, cans, and even boxes ... but no, that wasn't enough. The fine makers of Capri Sun decided it was important ... no, vital to introduce another end-point for juice ... some sort of metallic-looking pouch that was nearly impossible to open. In order to pierce this metal, one had to provide quite a bit of force and velocity to the attached straw. If you broke the straw, you were SOL. I think I may have used scissors once or twice, but what's the point of doing this? You'd have to pour the contents into a glass afterwards, defeating the entire purpose.

Once you got your straw in, you sucked away, creating perfect suction, as the juice left the bag. If you were daring enough, you could squeeze the pouch and try to catch the juice shooting out with your mouth ... or just shoot your friends with it. Brings back so many memories ... they should probably make adult alcohol Capri Sun ... nah, maybe they shouldn't.


Steph said...

Capri Sun is good stuff. I still get them from time to time.

El Padrino said...

ah, good times, the IV bag of boxed juices

Heff said...

They still make this krap, don't they ?

Lisa said...

Our elementary school cafeteria introduced "astropaks" -- milk served in a plastic pouch, kinda like the Capri Sun but not nearly as fun-looking. These plastic bags of milk replaced the carton ... because plastic is so much more eco-friendly.

-B- said...

My kids drink them - and Roarin' Waters (flavored water in the same pouch).
That milk reminds me of visiting family in Canada - Milk comes in plastic bags - you slide the bag into a pitcher, cut the corner off, then pour it into your glass -and all over the table and floor. Wierd.