Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Weekly Homework Assignment

It's time once again for Mama Kat's Weekly Homework Assignment! This week I chose the following prompt: Transcribe a recent entertaining conversation you recently had with someone.

Oh boy ... I have many entertaining conversations with many people on almost a daily basis. One that really sticks out is a conversation I had with a close friend via text-messaging (cell phone) regarding the Michael Vick signing in Philadelphia. A few things to keep in mind - my friend is as stubborn as a mule (so am I). Also, he is so far right politically, that fascists think he's nuts.

Anyway, here goes:

Ray-Ray: I gotta find another team to root for, now that Vick is with the Eagles.
Me: I'm not thrilled with the move, but I'm sticking with the Birds.
Ray-Ray: How can you possibly even consider doing that with that criminal Vick on the team?
Me: Let me preface this by saying I wish the Eagles didn't make the move. However, I'm willing to take a wait and see approach with this.
Ray-Ray: That's absolutely ridiculous. That guy doesn't deserve a second chance anywhere, after killing all those dogs via electrocution, hanging, etc.
Me: It's not up to me to decide that. Besides, he did his time. I think he deserves a second chance. If he screws this up, the Eagles will suffer, anyway.
Ray-Ray: So, do you think Hitler deserved a second chance?
Me: Really? Are we comparing Vick to Hitler now?
Ray-Ray: Well ... not exactly.
Me: So, let me get this straight. Nobody deserves a second chance. Is that it? So, when Rush Limbaugh was caught buying Oxycontin black-market style, should he have been given a second chance?
Ray-Ray: Rush wasn't given a second chance. He started up his own radio show.
Me: Sounds to me like he got a second chance.
Ray-Ray: So, if Vick had killed 30 million dogs, would that have been enough for you?
Me: Really? Another Hitler reference?

And on and on it went. If any of you know me or Ray-Ray, you know it is practically impossible to sway us with logic ... as hopefully was demonstrated here.


Life with Kaishon said...

I know, I know, it is hard to know how to feel about this. I mean, doesn't everyone (except Hitler) deserve a second chance???

Heff said...

Very well demonstrated in my opinion.

brainella said...

Wow. I had that same exact conversation with my MIL. She thinks he only deserves to do demeaning things the rest of this life. I agree with you. Shouldn't everyone get the chance to redeem themselves?

El Padrino said...

"text-messaging (cell phone)"

i'm just appreciatve you cleared up the mystery behind text messages

Melissa said...

And I'm guessing both of you continually wanted to get the last word in, right??
BTW- I agree with you... I do not agree with what he did, but he served his time... and he is still paying for it...
Look at Donte about "getting off easy"...and he killed a HUMAN

Sandi said...

I still hate T.O. more.

snowelf said...

In most cases, everyone deserves a second chance.
But not always a third.