Sunday, September 20, 2009

Song of the Week

Does it Offend You, Yeah? is a British electronic pop band. Their band name is weird, and their videos are even stranger. But they make damn good music. They are compared to bands like the Killers and Daft Punk, but to me, they sound a lot like the 1980's synth pop bands. They do add their own touches to this "genre" that seems to be making a major comeback in the alt-rock arena.

The song I can't get out of my head when I hear it is called "Dawn of the Dead." The funny part about this song title is that I don't think they even say those words at all. Still, the song is addicting, weaving in synth pop sounds that work, with a voice that probably could've been the lead of bands like New Order, The Fixx, or Erasure.

This diddy also adds an addicting chorus that will rattle and roll in your head for hours at a time (like it's doing to me right now).

Check out this "interesting" video here.

1 comment:

snowelf said...

I both love it and hate it when songs get stuck in my head. You either are happily humming it all day, or stuck in the soundtrack from hell. :P

I REALLY need to start checking blogs from home where I can watch You Tube vids and listen to music! ;)