Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stoppage Time (Part 2)

I’m gone a friggin’ week, and all of this shite happens:

• I’m guessing most (if not all) of you have heard something about the Mel Gibson meltdown that happened last week (Some of you have probably even written about it). I figured I’d at least add my two cents, even though I’m sure it’s old news already. I used to think that Mel was a cool guy – he had the looks (no, I’m not gay), and had some really cool movies (The Lethal Weapon series). What happened to this guy? Not only did he decide to go Kevin Costner on us (making his own movies), but then, he inexplicably went Pat Robertson and Nick Nolte on us in the same night. Personally, I bet that this is a publicity stunt for his upcoming movie that sounds about as interesting as the Tony Danza show. But still, why would a guy this popular risk it all by making ridiculous anti-Semitic comments? Mel, sometimes it’s better not to rock the boat. I get this feeling that Gibson and Tom Cruise may be in an ABC sitcom by 2010.

• Bobby Abreu and Corey Lidle were traded by the Phils last week, and dang it all if they didn’t start winning. Isn’t it funny how a team responds when you take some of the negative, lazy piles of dung out of the locker room? Shame they didn’t make this kind of move in the offseason.

• The U.S. and France somehow came up with a peace treaty for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Umm, how the hell did these two work together to do anything positive? I wouldn’t have been more surprised if I had woken up with my face stapled to the carpet.

• Thankfully, football season starts tonight … sure, it is just a preseason game, but now we can finally focus our attention away from the three-ringed circus at Citizen’s Bank Park, and watch some gridiron entertainment. Additionally, tonight starts the unofficial fantasy scouting for about 150 million Americans. Gotta love gambling!


Rev. Smokin Steve said...

15 plays, 80 yards, and a TD on the first series by the first team. And most of the yards came on running plays.

I like it!

Steph said...

Mel's an Aussie ya know. Nuff said.

Christina_the_wench said...

Tom and Mel together? Bite your tongue and other body parts.

Welcome back, 'O drunk one.

Los said...

Smokin' - Let's just hope Garcia never makes it into a game (unless the Birds are up by 28 in the fourth).

Steph - I know. Maybe he got bit by a rabid Kangaroo.

Christina - Hey, Freddie has his own sitcom on ABC with that schmuck from 90210.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

Yes, if I never see Jeff Garcia in an Eagles game, I will be more than happy about that.

Jeff said...

Gibson: Unlike Costner, he made some really good movies (Braveheart, etc.). Funny how he DID something wrong (drive drunk) but made news for SAYING something wrong.

Phillies (1): If Abreu and Lidle are "lazy piles of dung," then why are they playing well for NY? More likely, the rest of the team plays well when it doesn't matter.

Phillies (2): Gillick has a huge mess to clean up. They need 4 new starters (C, 3B, LF after trading Burrell, and RF if Dellucci doesn't re-up). With Madson going back to RP, their rotation is Myers, Hamels, and Mathieson (who isn't ready yet). They likely won't re-sign Wolf, and they'll trade Lieber. And there's not much help in the minors.

Phillies (3): Thank God they didn't listen when the fans demanded trading Utley and Hamels for a 1-year rental of Tim Hudson.

Treaty: Any peace negotiated by the French is a capitulation. Any peace negotiated with terrorists merely gives terrorists time to re-load.

Football: (1) thank God we're talking real football, and not that metric imposter; (2) my team plays on Saturdays; (3) hope the Eagles run in the regular season, when games count.

And is that Freddie Mitchell with his own ABC sitcom? (Couldn't resist!)

Ink and Stone said...

- Gibson is looney... whatever. I still like his Lethal Weapon and Braveheart movies. Also Payback... that was a good flick.
I'm kinda interested in the new flick of his, Apocalytico, about the Mayan prophecy of the 'end of the world' in 2012. Interesting stuff.

- Um... Go Phils?

- OK... The U.S. and France came up with a peace treaty for 2 other countries... correct me if I'm wrong here... but don't the TWO OTHER COUNTRIES NEED TO BE INVOLVED IN THE PEACE TREATY FOR IT TO WORK??? Oh yeah... and fuck France.

- Yea... football... more crap to listen to Los whine about.... "Oh the Eagles are playing so wrong this year", "Oh, I could coach the Eagles so much better than coach such-and-such", "Oh, why did they do that play?? What a stupid decision!!!", "Well, if they trade overpaid-jock-fag for other overpaid-jock-fag... maybe they'll have a chance... but I doubt it."

It's just a stupid game, Los!

Dirty Birdie said...

DUDE - the only chance in Hell I would ever have to see the Steelers play in my town (they are playing the POS Cardinals in our brand new stadium that looks like an aluminum toilet) and there is no way I can go, even if I could get tickets. How f*cked up is that?!?!?!