Thursday, April 26, 2007

One Small Step ...

Today I was half-tempted to write about my utter disappointment in the fast-food industry for no longer cheerfully offering ketchup at the drive-thru window, but that will have to be a topic for another post, because this weekend, the Reverend takes another giant step in his journey away from bachelorhood. That’s right, Smokin’s bachelor party takes place this Saturday!

What a journey it has been for Steve in these past few months. Not only has he moved into a house, but he switched jobs (and successfully passed his series 6 and 63 tests with flying colors), AND has been planning a wedding. A normal man probably would’ve gone Michael Jackson (or Alec Baldwin) on us by this point, but not the Rev! He has flourished under the pressure, and now gets to reap the rewards of his labor.

Hopefully, the bachelor party will be a good start to this. It’s not going to be anything elaborate, but seriously, who needs elaborate anyway? As long as we all have a good time, AND WE WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME, that’s all that matters. We’ll start the festivities by tailgating down in South Philly prior to the Phillies game (Uncle Charlie, you MUST win this one for Steve, ok?). Then, we’ll actually go to the game, hang around and act like idiots (something we are very good at), and then take in some “gentleman’s” entertainment at a local establishment of sorts. The alcohol should make this a very smooth event (or not).

So, Steve, the countdown has begun. You have just over a week of freedom left, before you take the plunge. I wanted to personally congratulate you on all you’ve accomplished, and wish you the best to your new future … I’m sure I’ll ramble this many times in a drunken stupor on Saturday night, in between curse words. Enjoy, big guy, this night is yours!


snowelf said...

Congrats Steve!!

You guys be semi-good, okay?!? ;)


Ink and Stone said...

Right on, Smokin'!
Get on wit yer bad self!

(Hey Los, when you're at his wedding, sneak in a tape recorder and play the 'Imperial March' as he or his lady walk down the aisle) ;-P

ToddPacker said...

i'm guessing there will be snacks at rev's bachelor party... have fun guys...

Dirty Birdie said...

"and then take in some “gentleman’s” entertainment at a local establishment of sorts. The alcohol should make this a very smooth event (or not).

Don't trust the stripper with the square jaw and the deep voice.


Eddie Murphy

-B- said...

Steve!! You did it!!! Fantastic job, dude. I have no idea what those test are, but they sounded like they put you through hell. Let it all hang out this weekend, you deserve it!
Wait.... you know what I mean.

Superstar said...

Too bad Dirty and I can't be there! LOL ;o)

Drink, be merry and KNOW that you will not have to do this dating thing EVER again!

Jeff said...

Congratulations are in order!

Just don't let anyone put your arms in casts.

The Rev said...


I couldn't have made it without you. I thank you for your support. You are a prince among men!

We will share many drinks and tell many stories tomorrow night.

Hoagies, beer, cigars, circus midgets, meat, fire, various snacks, and women looking for $20 bills will be involved. It will be legendary.

I will be Rick James, bitch!

Steph said...

Aww, you're a good friend. I hope you two have a great time and get mucho blog fodder out of it.