Thursday, April 12, 2007

We Have A Winner!

The Anna Nicole verdict came in today, and “justifiably” there was tons of news coverage that followed. We finally have a winner in the “Who’s Baby Batter Was Strongest” sweepstakes. But there is one minor question that hasn’t been answered yet, and dammit, I gotta know!

Why in tarnations (yet again!) is nobody reporting how much of a slut this humanoid was? I mean, c’mon – people were coming out of the woodwork claiming they were the father, and there were certainly some, at the very least, viable claims. How many people entered her “promised land” exactly at the time? Was it 3, 4, 100? Wouldn’t this be more compelling to talk about instead of making this whole ordeal seem like some sort of game show?

Has our society decayed to this level, and if so, when did it happen? Was it because of that “Achy Breaky Heart” song in the early ‘90’s? Is Simon Cowell behind it? Maybe it’s that Atkins diet fad. Somebody help me here!

The publicity she’s getting pisses me off more than the popularity of NASCAR … and that’s saying something. What’s even more infuriating is that nobody is saying anything negative about her. It even seems like she’s getting more praise than Mother Theresa. I’m at a loss. Instead, we focus on that retard Imus blabbering about a women’s college basketball team? What the hell is going on here?

Please, SOMEBODY, put out a negative story about her … somebody PLEASE belittle her! C’mon – are you telling me that FOX doesn’t have the balls to do something like this???? Just plain ri-gosh-darn-diculous!


As a follow-up on the Don Imus story, I am appalled that these media stations kow-towed to this “public” outcry commandeered by that butt-nugget Al Sharpton. As a reminder, I do think that what Imus said was stupid, insensitive, and pointless. However, I think MOST people probably don’t even listen to Imus in the first place. And for those who did, I’m sure most probably took it with a grain of salt. However, because of a few people who were able to organize a letter-writing campaign (much like those few blowhards on the religious right like to do), advertisers trembled with fear, and the media stations reacted poorly.

Anyway, I happened to come across this well-written article that sums everything up … and get this – it was written by an African American. Read it, and let me know what you think:


Superstar said...

Well, you win!
I finally did it...and I haven't heard one word from you about it!
~claps hands together~
I am black ballin' American Idol.
I'm so done
HATE them
Never going to watch it again... a world of all PC BS, he really took a stand. Too bad the 1st amendment isn't in/was in his contract!
LOL ;o)

Dirty Birdie said...

The fist amendment apparently only applies to the likes of Mr. Sharpton and Kanye West.

Jeff said...

Anna Nicole Smith news means things are going well in Iraq.

Imus' firing is not a First Amendment issue because CBS and MSNBC are not the government. Businesses can regulate their own speech content.

That said, Imus just called them a name. Meanwhile, media pressure played a large role in the false prosecution of the Duke lacrosse players, the cancellation of the Duke lacrosse season when only 3 players were accused, and the firing of the coach -- all on charges that were completely unfounded, to the point where the Durham DA will be prosecuted for it.

Imus' offense is completely insignicant in comparison. His offense didn't permanently (and cheerfully) stain the lives of innocent people.

Steph said...

Now, see if she were a MAN, you'd all be high-fiving your sorry selves!
How many kids to different women does Mick Jagger have? At least that he knows of anyway!
Aint nobody calling him a manwhore!!

*Gets off soap-box*

El Padrino said...

i linked whitlock too

he's the truth

Eric said...

I linked to that article as well. Whitlock pretty much nailed it.

Superstar said...

@ Jeff: I completely disagree. How can you not see this as a freedom of speech issue? I mean at least in some ways... Of COURSE as ANY private company can edit the material for content...Imus is providing entertainment. So, maybe a better question is, "shock jock" BS aside, did he say it because he really thinks or believes it? Or was it a stunt for ratings and such?

Jeff said...

The alternatives are to compel CBS (and MSNBC) to keep Imus no matter what he says, or to compel the networks to keep him if he says some things and not if he says others. Those are, by definition, not free speech.

I do find the networks stunningly hypocritical. CBS and MSNBC profited for decades by letting Imus insult people, dumped him once the sponsors dried up, then claimed to be outraged that he insulted people.

And, really, was this worse than when he liquored up and railed on the Clintons -- with them on the stage next to him -- at the 1996 Radio and TV Correspondents Association dinner, then made jokes about Newt Gingrich's lesbian sister, Sen. Bob Kerrey's "wooden leg", and the personal lives of several people in attendance?

Meanwhile, CBS continues to air King of Queens, How I Met Yo Mama, and Ghost Whisperer.

The Rev said...

There is one basic fact that is the most important thing in all of this Imus stuff. And that is Imus is an idiot who deserved to get fired. And that has nothing to do with what he said about those women.

Imus should have been fired for sucking long ago.

But... he did have listeners and ad revenue somewhere. Just not in Philadelphia.

minijonb said...

I'm really disappointed in the Anna Nicole verdict. I wasn't going to be happy unless it was proven her dead son was the father of the baby... now that would have been newsworthy.