Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stoppage Time

Just a few thoughts and observations of the weekend:

1. To that ass-clown of a police officer who told us we couldn’t tailgate for the Phillies game – It’s nice to see that you’ve solved all of the crime problems in the city, so that you can focus on the real issue of people having fun prior to an event. The city should be proud to have such dedicated and misdirected people working for the it … I feel safe knowing the city is confident in providing them fire-arms.

2. The NFL draft is way too f-in’ long, and it seems like it’s only getting longer (that’s what she said). When will it stop? Will every team get a full day to make a pick in the first round eventually? Can the draft last an entire month? Is that the goal of the NFL? Ridiculous.

3. The Reverend got more than a little drunk last night at his bachelor party. I think we accomplished our mission – giving him a fun send-off into married life. I’m guessing he probably had a rough Sunday morning/afternoon, but I’m confident it was worth it.

4. So, in preparation for the bachelor party, I ordered tickets for the Phillies game via the phone. We went to the ticket office prior to entering the stadium to pick up the tickets. The guy at the ticket office gave me the tickets – and I took them without looking at them. Thankfully, one of the members of the bachelor party noticed that the tickets were printed for Sunday afternoon – oops! Luckily, the ticket guy agreed to exchange the tickets for the Saturday night game … although, as the game went on, I openly wondered whether or not it would’ve been better to go to Sunday’s game (the Phils lost 11-5 – ugh!).

5. We went to a “gentleman’s” establishment after the game for a few hours … don’t worry ladies, it was a more upscale one. In fact, I got a massage there … a real one … with a fully clothed lady. And it was good … and not in a sexual way, either. Weird.

6. The countdown is on – less than 1 week until the Reverend gets married. The Earth might fall off of its axis.


snowelf said...

Hey ya Los!

1. That's GREAT!!! Now I can feel extra safe if I'm ever in Philly since I know there will be no groups of friends BBQ-ing to block my way while I'm running from gang fire! Whoo hoo!!

2. Yea..what the hell is this? Survivor NFL?!!!

3. Poor, poor, Steve...

4. Okay, now that's the kind of stuff that usually happens to me!

5. Thanks for supporting all the single mothers out there! Gotta give ya props! ;)

6. I'll get busy nailing things down just in case... :D


Jeff said...

1. Small wonder PHL has to call in the PA National Guard for its crime problem.

2. Get in line at 5 am, enter at 6 am, drink 6 hrs before the draft starts, and the first round ends around 5 pm. You're hung over before your team picks. Lovely.

3. Did you put casts on both his arms?

4. Today's game was better. The Phils won 6-1, Jamie Moyer had a no-hitter into the 7th, and it was the hilariously King Tut-themed Phanatic's Birthday Party.

5. Only self-induced happy endings for Karl.

6. Again, congratulations!

Steph said...

So there is such thing as a "classy" strip establishment? Bahahah. Yeah riiiight!

El Padrino said...

i love bachelor parties
dammit i need new friends that dont think marriage is a fools game

Christina_the_wench said...

We're counting on you for Rev. photos, Los. Don't disappoint. That is your assignment and you must accept it.

Dirty Birdie said...

Steph - I want to know hwat the definition of a "classy" strip joint is. No Trannies?? Brazilian wax?

minijonb said...

any post that uses the phrase "ass-clown" correctly in a sentence is ok in my book.

Superstar said...

Fully clothed? Are you sure you boys didn't go to a spa?!?!?! HE HE HE HE JK

AHHHH no tailgating?!?!?! That is the whole purpose of getting to the game early! *PSSSSHHHHTTTTT* What an azzhat!

~rolls eyes~ Other than rank of the draft I don't really know much about it. It's an all day thing?!??!?!?! HMMMM that would explain it.

YEAHHHHH Rev Steve's gettin' married!

Lionitt said...

I've never run into problems tailgating at Phillies games - where were you again so that I can avoid that particular area?