Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where the "Streets" Have no Name

As I mentioned before, here is the picture of Milton Street with a friend that was taken last week. Milton Street, as I said before, is the degenerate brother of the current degenerate mayor, John Street.

Being mayor of Philadelphia has many expectations tied to it, one of the major ones is the ability to be corrupt … so much so that it is almost second nature. Pay to play schemes as well as mismanagement of anything and everything run by the city are beyond common-place. Kow-towing to ridiculously powerful unions is a must (hey, they helped you get the union vote – ya gotta keep ‘em happy, right?). This has become so natural and expected over the years.

Thanks to the mayors we’ve had in the past, Camden now has a thriving waterfront that includes a large aquarium, and a very nice indoor/outdoor concert venue … both of which would’ve been welcome additions on the Penns Landing waterfront had it not been for slime-ball mayors who, for one reason or another, did not fight the bloated unions to bring these projects here.

You’ve probably heard of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, right? Ever wonder why it’s located in Cleveland? Again, thank the mayor of Philadelphia for that one, because the original idea was to build this in the City of Brotherly Love … again, ludicrous union demands chased them away. We have a hole in the ground in Center City, which was supposed to be some grand Disney building … yep, you guessed it – our mayor was responsible. Heck, we even had a mayor who bombed his own city in 1985. Folks, I can’t make that one up.

Why am I bringing this up now? Simple – Philadelphia is in the middle of yet another mayoral election, with each candidate (including Milton Street) promising a change. It’s laughable, really. The corruption is overwhelming. The mayor doesn’t even hold the power in the city … it’s all of the other “special interest groups” that feed money to the mayor’s office that hold all the power. Sadly, the inhabitants of the city who vote for mayor don’t really care about credentials. Instead, they vote whatever the unions or their “racial leaders” tell them to vote. So, we’ll end up getting more botched jobs, streets that take forever to fix, and a public transportation system that even Kenneth Lay probably would’ve thought was mismanaged. But, here’s to holding out hope that somebody somehow gets in who actually gives a crap about Philly.


Los said...

Now - I just want to say, I'm not against the concept of unions. They serve a purpose - to protect the worker. It's the large unions that no longer care about the workers, and are drunk with power that I have a problem with.

Jeff said...

When Camden is considered less corrupt, you have a problem.

When Cleveland's unions are less obtuse, you have a problem.

PHL unions are so bad that the Convention Center has about a 15% repeat business rate. Being compelled to hire 3 unions to do a 10-min job raises PHL costs far above Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc.

Sorry, but the mayor DOES hold the power. NYC was no less corrupt before Giuliani.

The "racial leaders" comment is justified here. Mayor Street trailed badly in his re-election, partly due to corruption, until an FBI bug was found in his office. Street pulled the race card -- as if the FBI should NOT bug corrupt officials -- and only then won. That he ever trailed was remarkable, given PHL's history of corruption and overwhelming Democratic constituency -- PHL favored Kerry by 412,000 votes and hasn't elected a GOP mayor since 1948.

Jeff said...

I should elaborate on unions. My employer is a union shop. I like the union guys individually, but they're a pain collectively.

Our union countracts expire about every 3 years. Last time, union employees for weeks threw tacks on adjacent public roads, trashed the on-site gym, and attacked an engineer's car with baseball bats as he drove to the site on a SATURDAY, until Security intevened.

In another strike, employee cars parked outside the gates were vandalized with bats and by fire, and non-union employees were intimidated with baseball bats as they attempted to enter the gates.

In a strike about 15 years ago, the union blockade backed up traffic on the nearby freeway. My employer filed an injunction, but this being metro PHL, the judge allowed each car to be delayed by 45 seconds. So union officials held a stopwatch while rank-and-file members lay down in front of every car.

None of this is negotiation. It's all thuggery, but sadly not atypical union behavior.

El Padrino said...

mayor's here i think might have more powers. i think
it seems as if they get things done alone most of the time

but they also fuck things up too so

ah, politics
who are we kidding
i vote for the all star team

Dirty Birdie said...

Amen to that Los. Some unions, like civil rights groups have forgotten what they are there for. Man have forgotten that the companies which employ the workers are necessary for the workers to survive, such as in the airline industry. It's a simbiotic relationship one needs the other in order for both to exist. The way some of these unions act though, it's as though they would rather cut their nose off to spite their face.

Trust me, my father has to deal with unions on a daily basis. No wonder he drinks... a LOT.

Ink and Stone said...

So what you're saying is that the City's government is a microcosm of the Federal government?

minijonb said...

I've got Jimmy Hoffa in the trunk of my car... wanna see?!?

Los said...

Jeff - good insight!

ElP - We need somebody to step up like Giuliani.

DB - Well put!

Ink - bullseye!

minijonb - You would be a very wealthy person if that were the case ... and I'm not saying you aren't wealthy ...

Superstar said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutly...so say confus and the ideas put forth from Machieveli....


So what would you want to "spruce" up your city? Maybe you should run for mayor!

Dirty Birdie said...

Mayor Los....hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Where can I get my "Vote for Los" t-shirt?