Sunday, April 01, 2007

Some Things I Learned This Weekend ...

Some Interesting Things I found out This Weekend

1. A friend of mine once had such a dry spell when it came to dating, that even a girl he wasn’t going out with called him up and broke up with him … I’m not sure one can get any lower than this.

2. Guy’s Night Out isn’t apparently what it once was … at least with regards to some of my friends. We spend this “night” watching the first game of the NCAA basketball semifinals. By 9:00, my one friend was ready for bed … sigh.

3. Apparently, everybody knows a good auto body place to go to. When I mentioned that I was involved in a little fender-bender, I got what seemed be endless suggestions on where to take my car. By the way, the final cost of the damager to my car was … get this …. $4,675.00. Unbelievable.

4. That movie, RV, starring Robin Williams, sucks. When was the last time he was in a really funny movie? It’s depressing. There was a time when this guy could do no wrong. Now, even Chevy Chase doesn’t think he’s funny.

5. In a conversation with a good friend, we were talking about games we used to play as kids, and he brought up one in which he couldn’t remember the entire name. He said it was called, “Something or Dare.” This produced a plethora of other titles like, “Hide-and-go something,” “Marco something,” “Kick the something,” “basket-something,” and “Cowboys and something.” I know what you’re thinking … and no, we aren’t retarded.

6. This same friend used to write and produce his own “newspaper” as a kid, complete with world news and a comic strip. In fact, one summer, he was releasing it daily … I thought this was weird and cool at the same time.


Fairmaiden327 said...

Read my reply to your last comment.

Jeff said...

1. "A friend," huh.

2. Maybe it's because the first game was G-town vs. the Ohio State Butt-guys. I got pretty tired during that game, too.

3. I'm kinda surprised it was that low. At least you'll soon have only one car with an ass dent.

4. Robin Williams stopped taking drugs.

5. Also the popular game "Suck and something."

6. Ted Turner captured your friend in the middle of the night, absorbed his news organization, and gave him a lobotomy (to match Turner's own IQ).

Ink and Stone said...

1. Wha-what?? Was she crazy or something?

2. When you're young - all you want to do is stay up late, when your older - all you want to do is sleep.

3. Holy carp!

4. Is it him or is it the agent getting him the roles??? Hmmmm.

5. Yeah, you are.

6. Did he get a job in journalism?

The Rev said...

The Kaelin News!

Snowelf said...

1. That made me want to cry.

2. Not so much a fan of basketball... Was there snacks? I am a fan of snacks.

3. Isn't this funny!

4. For some reason, I have never been a fan of Robin Williams. I didn't think he was funny before even when everyone worshiped him.

5. Or Sixty Seconds in Something?

6. I had an underground comic in 6th grade. That was when I decided I wanted to be a writer.

Kristin said...

1 - You have got to be kidding...

2 - Sounds about right...


4 - Yes.

5 - Shut up!

6 - Now it would be a 'zine.

Reverse said...

4,675 pesos?

Los said...

FM - Sorry I missed ya.

Jeff - I still get a kick out of "butt-guys." Long live Brent Musberger.

Ink - Nope, worse. He became an attorney.

Rev - Correct!

Snow Elf - No need to cry. It was actually a pretty funny story.

Kristin - I can't make something like that up.

Reverse - Si?