Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stoppage Time

Couple of interesting things were discussed today that I thought I’d share with you:

1. What’s the deal with those bite sized candy bars? Are they REALLY bite sized? There are far better names that can be used for these ridiculously small pieces of chocolate – we came up with a few:
“Are You Serious” Sized.
“What the Hell is This” Sized
“You Must Really Not Like Me” Sized
“Cheap-ass” Sized
Insignificant Sized
“What’s the Point” Sized
Hershey Kiss Sized

2. We were talking about Philadelphia sports, and since the Phillies are doing so poorly right now, people are now focusing on the countdown to Eagles training camp. All we in Philly do is focus on the next team’s training camp countdown, because are teams are perennial losers. So, after week 8 of the Eagles season, we’ll probably be commenting on “pitchers and catchers” again. It is a sick cycle. Woe is me!

3. We had a baby shower at work for one of our coworkers today. Guys were invited to this. We all sat at the same table, and mocked the girls who “Oohed,” and “Ahhed” at the presents being opened. It was nice to partake in eating the wide variety of desserts available to us, but outside of that, this is an event guys really are not made for … now, that being said, I somehow won the “Guess How Many M&M’s are in the baby bottle” contest, guessing 276, with the correct amount being 279. Does this make me gay? I hope not … not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Jeff said...

1. Bite Me Size?

2. Why wait for an August event? Let's have a countdown to the next time Charlie Manuel tears Howard Eskin a new hole. (As if Eskin isn't a big enough hole as-is.)

3. Does this mean you're traveling to San Francisco to prove your manhood?

Steph said...

I like Choke sized. That's marketing GOLD.

ToddPacker said...

1. 'little-people-friendly' sized
2. why not us
3. you got mad m&m counting skillz... maybe the 276 was more like a guess on the phils winning percentage this season

Superstar said...

The Diamondbacks changed the when I tuned in to see the score..I didn't KNOW the heck was playin'...*sigh* WHO in their right mind changes a teams colors? Why? I just don't get it?!?!?!

Bite size...I think that is a catholic guilt trip waiting to happen. They are small enough that you satisfy the "craving" yet like a lay potato chip you just WANT MORE!!!

LOL ;o) ow if you had won the diaper changing contest or even the name game I might have waved a bit...but honestly, there are NON gay men that can change a diaper faster than me...But NO. You are not gay!
LOL ;o)
Good at math/geometry and statistics....not gay!

Snowelf said...

My fave was Are you Serious? size.

You're so NOT gay...just appreciative of chocolate!



The Rev said...

I hope you at least won the M&M's.

Ink and Stone said...

You know how I can tell you're gay? You have posters of Asia hanging on your walls!