Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Weekend of Photos

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this weekend was truly a remarkable one with regards to photo opportunities ... thankfully we had our camera phones, so that we could share these experiences with you! Enjoy:

This absolute classic was taken at a fundraising "casino night" in Delaware. We were in line to cash in our chips, when my wife looked down and saw this sight. In case you don't know what this is, it is an old ladies "rear bumper" with some toilet paper hanging out! Gold!

This guy was tailgating ... which is generally not a big deal if you are at a concert or sporting event. However, this guy was tailgating in the Shop Rite parking lot. My guess is that he drove his wife to the store, and let her shop, while he took in the rays at the supermarket.

Now, we had another pic, but I can't find it. It was of a friend with Milton Street, the degenerate brother of the degenerate mayor of Philadelphia. Oh well - hope these made ya laugh.


Jeff said...

I'm sure the FBI can find its pictures of Milton Street.

Snowelf said...

Those are hilarious Los!!
They remind me that I really need to do a "photo shoot" of where I live.


Ink and Stone said...

That T.P. one is comedy gold!

-B- said...

Toilet paper tails are all the rage
in Europe! C'mon everyone!! Let's get ours on so we can be cool like Granny over there!

Dirty Birdie said...

Oh the horror of toilet paper. Reminds me of a time I tucked the back of my skirt into my pantyhose...not fun.

minijonb said...

remind me to never hang with you when you have your camera out... i don't think i could handle this candid camera treatment.

Eric said...

boozing in a shop rite parking lot. classy.

Superstar said...

~shakes head~
I don't get the tailgating at a Rit Aid...did they have geritol on sale or something?!?!?!
LOL ;o)

SO...instead of telling the debilitated old lady that she had TP hanging out her britches, we took the picture insead?!?!?!
Poor old thing!
but still
~shakes head and laughs~
OK I'll lighten up!

Los said...

Jeff - Milton for Mayor!

Snowelf - It's good to have a camera ready at all times.

Ink - I wonder if when she realized that she had the tp hanging out of her pants, she figured nobody saw this.

B - And here I thought it was the non-use of toothpaste.

DB - Now THAT's funny. Did anybody get a picture?

Minijonb - Aw, c'mon!

Eric - You can't spell class without ass.

Superstar - It's ok to laugh!

Steph said...

Oh the poor old lady? Did somebody tell her?

Christina_the_wench said...

Love them. More, more, more!
I had a toilet paper tail once. I was drunk. I KNOW! Hard to imagine!