Thursday, September 13, 2007

End of Summer Blues ...

End of summer is always an interesting change (sorry guys and gals, I couldn’t come up with anything else). When we were growing up, it always meant the beginning of another year of school – which was always filled with stress. More homework, tougher classes … ugh, what a stressful time.

I particularly remember it being very stressful starting ninth grade. This meant going from Glenolden School (middle school) to Interboro High School – a total change of scenery. I heard all kinds of scary stories about high school, that, at one point, I seriously thought that there would be some sort of drug dealer at every corner of the hallway. I thought seniors were waiting at the door to beat the crap out of us little freshmen … that teachers were going to give us so much homework, we probably wouldn’t be able to sleep. Man, the pressure.

Of course, high school wasn’t anything like that, at least not for me. Seniors pretty much ignored us … except for the senior that was in our German 1 class – he took my friend Rich, and stuffed him into a trashcan … although truth be told, Rich did have it coming to him – he crossed the line by making fun of the guy. Since I was friends with Rich, the senior decided to teach me a lesson as well, by flinging spit that he gathered on his finger at me repeatedly. Man, good times.

As college approached, I had a much different view of the end of summer. It was time to start all over at college, make new friends, and par-tay! My parents drove me down to Mont Alto (one of the Penn State campuses), and I couldn’t get them out of the door quick enough. I was ready to immerse myself into college life.

Nowadays, I look at the end of summer as meaning more traffic on the road. See, I don’t have any kids yet, and I’m sure my viewpoint of the end of summer will change once again when I do have kids. But now, September is more of an inconvenience than anything else. I am looking forward to mowing the lawn less (and not at all once winter approaches), and of course, football season!

Funny how perceptions change.


Superstar said...

I have a love hate relationship with September...It's my B-day month. I used to LOVE going to school. I was good at it. Hated the homework and the whole back to school shopping....*sigh*

I don't really miss the leaves changing color and raking or OHHHHH
HOW could I forget the "wood cutting" trips my family would take every Saturday and Sunday to the woods to get fire wood!

~looks into sky~
AHHHHH the days of youth..

Hard to do when it's still 105!

snowelf said...

I hate that it starts getting cold, (well, here, it does) but I love the structure of back to school. I do love caramel apples and dressing up for Halloween and I actually love back to school shopping--Super, can I go for you!!? :)


It's still an inconvenience when you have kids too. ;)

Jeff said...

We need to further explore someone flinging spit at you. Was this because you wore lederhosen to class?

And why were you, of all people, taking German 1? Didn't get enough at home? For the easy A? So you could learn how to tell people you were in ze toilet?

The Rev said...

The senior in our German class...

I don't remember his name.

Steph said...

The end of summer is always depressing for me. I love the warm weather, beach, and sultry nights.


Christina_the_wench said...

Bonfires. Think smores and beer (not indulged in at the same time) and music playing as the wood crackles.

I love fall, hate summer.

Ink and Stone said...

Bring on Fall!
The trees turning all different colors. Nice, cool, and tolerable weather. All the kids going back to school. I dig it.

-B- said...

As I do prefer warmer days, I will not miss them this time around because driving around with no A/C for half the summer in NJ was awful.
Looking forward to Halloween (one of the greatest holidays ever!) and starting up the fire pit in the back yard.

Los, did you ever get back at that guy?

El Padrino said...

here's to hoping for an indian summer