Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Way to Go, O.J.!!!

OJ Simpson has once again been arrested, and it looks like this time he might get some significant jail time. For some reason, this guy just refuses to stay out of the public eye. I know some people may debate this, but the guy was lucky to get off on the double murder case back in the day.

I just can’t understand him – for most of his life, he lived a charmed life. He was an excellent athlete who was able to parlay that into a movie career as well as a career as an NFL analyst. He was, in a sense, a role model for many, and was beloved by people of all colors. He was a non-polarizing face on television, and probably would’ve had a long career, had he not done what he did that night in 1994.

I guess we can chalk it all up to Karma, because it looks like he finally may get what he deserves. He won’t have his “super” defense team, and hopefully Mark Furman will be nowhere to be found when it comes to the investigation. Also, let’s really hope none of the other original characters, Marcia Clark, Chris Dardin, and Judge Ito, do not appear in the sequel. Maybe Frank Drebbin can make some sort of appearance, just for old-time sake.

As a side note – is anybody else getting annoyed with the Goldman family sticking their noses in every little O.J. situation? They ended up getting the rights to his book in which he kind of showed how he may have killed his wife and her boyfriend … and what do they do? They end up releasing the book, so they can make money off of it. Isn’t that a little weird? Just my thoughts.


snowelf said...

I did a little dance when he got arrested again.


The Rev said...

What's OJ's favorite drink?

Juice in the can!

(Paul Lynde laugh inserted here)

Steph said...

It's ironic that he'll be jailed for something soooo much less serious than freakin murder.
What is wrong with your judical system??

-B- said...

Yeah - it was bound to catch up with him. And rightfully so.

Good point Steph - our wonderful judicial system doesn't work the same way for celebs.... they can pretty much do anything they want -up to a point.

El Padrino said...

i wonder if the jurors that let him off ever feel like they did the country a disservice?

Los said...

Snowelf - John Lennon was right - Instant Karma IS Gonna Get Ya!

Rev - Ba-da-bing!

Steph - It seems to be this way with rich, famous folks in California.

B - Hopefully, he's been suffering from the guilt for all these years, but I'm guessing his heart is as black as coal.

ElP - Some of those jurors made some good money off of the case.