Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WHere Do I Change, Now????

With the increasing popularity of cell phones, one of the “traditional” hallmarks of Americana, the pay phone, is rapidly reaching the point of extinction. Isn’t it funny how quickly a technological advance like this can affect a product? I guess this is similar to what the CD did to the cassette tape, as well as the vinyl record (although, there is still a very strong niche market for vinyl).

Has anybody thought of this point, though? What happens to Superman? He uses payphones to change from Clark Kent to Superman. How will the comic strips handle this? Am I overreacting? Will Clark Kent choose a cyber café to change, instead? I’m sure my friend “Reverse,” who is probably the most rabid comic book freak I know, already has an answer for this. I’m eager to find out!


snowelf said...

You want to hear something odd? My daughter just the other day was AMAZED when she saw an old phone booth with doors in a movie. She thought it was even cooler then when she was three and we got some lunch from Rally's and she got a "spoon-fork". She ate with it for weeks until it finally broke!

I don't know...I assume that Superman can possibly change in his SUV?

Reverse? Any answers?


Jeff said...

Wile E. Coyote never did just shoot Road Runner.

"Hey, Hey, Hey, it's Low-Carb Albert" would never happen.

And Superman can use his super speed to change.

The real question: What will Agent 86 do without a phone booth?

Reverse said...

Thanks to Infinite Crisis (not to be confused with the original Crisis) Superman can still change in a phone booth. There are now 52 Earths occupying the multi universe. Earth 2 for example still has a phone booth due to it’s characters being based in a 1942 atmosphere. Check out the geek links below.



El Padrino said...


Eric said...

I think the improvements in Velcro have been just a revolutionary as cell phone technology. I suggest a tear away business suit, like NBA warmups.

Superstar said...

I guess those TGIF locations should get a "steal" on the outdated phone booths.

As for the replacement, I guess the guy is going to have to resort to public restrooms.

Steph said...

If he looks anything like Spiderman does (check my blog for updated pics) then it's a GOOD thing there are no payphones for him to be gettin nekkid in.

Ink and Stone said...

But we're not talking about Infinte Earths, Reverse. Just one Earth. This one. That's running out of phone booths.

I think Supes is going to have to use public restrooms to change from now on.

minijonb said...

and we're losing all those classic red British pay phones. what is this world coming to?

Los said...

SnowElf - I loved the spoon forks! Why hasn't that caught on???

Jeff - HAHAHAH - Low Carb Albert!!!!

Reverse - I expected a better answer!

ELP - I had nothing else to talk about, sadly.

Eric - I think having velcro sneakers might be as lazy as buying a jar that has both peanut butter and jelly in it.

Superstar - Bennigan's will compete for those!

Steph - I saw those pictures ... I threw up a little in my mouth.

Ink - I agree! You need to let Reverse have it!

Minijonb - Sometimes, it's just not fair!