Sunday, September 23, 2007

Godfather, Part IV?

Ladies and gentlemen, Sunday marked a first for me. You see, I was asked to be the Godfather of my niece – the church service was this afternoon, so I can officially imitate Marlon Brando … seriously, though, I am truly honored that somebody has enough faith in me to ask me to be a Godfather … sure, the family has 6 children (my wife’s brother has 3 kids, and my wife’s sister has 3 kids) – so I guess my name inevitably had to be called … again, just kidding!

The church service was interesting, to say the least. First, there were 8 children being christened. I’m not one to complain, but shouldn’t this be limited to like babies being christened at a time? It was utter chaos – lots of crying and wet diapers … and I haven’t even gotten to the babies yet (hey-yo!). It just seemed like a lot – especially for the Priest.

Speaking of the Priest, this may have been his first christening, because things didn’t run so smoothly … in fact, I would compare his “smoothness” to that of a herd of porcupines. Also, he was of Asian decent – not that this is a problem, but his thick Asian accent and lack of grammar skills probably would’ve made some language arts teachers throw up a little in their collective mouths. No need for him to differentiate between singular or plural, or nouns and verbs.

Also, the guy was definitely not a football fan – this christening went well over an hour, and probably didn’t need to. Unfortunately, I missed the best Eagles half of offensive output in over a decade – but that’s ok, because even Oregon Ducks football fans thought the Eagles’ uniforms were hideous. I do have to give props to the parents of my God Daughter – they were keeping me in mind by trying to schedule the christening to fall during an Eagles’ bye week – unfortunately, the church had no openings for this (looks like others had the same idea).

In all seriousness though, I am honored by this, and I will do everything to make sure that Lilly has the best Godfather around … I’m not really sure what my responsibilities are, but I’m ready to honor them … whatever they may be.


Jeff said...

Your sole responsibility is to make sure the kid goes to Penn State. Or at least not to Notre Dame, Michigan, or Pitt.

Ink and Stone said...

Another responsibility is to make sure she has a sarcastic attitude to the nth degree!

minijonb said...

Congrats on being a Godfather... and why are complaining about the Eagles beating the Lions? At least they don't wear those uni's at every game.

Superstar said...

Godparents are the ones that buy the beer and kegs when they want parties.
They are the ones that send $20 for pizza and junk food and buy kewl toys for your b-day and Christmas!!!
Get a discount card NOW!!!

The Rev said...

Yeah, you're on the hook for at least 20 bucks for all birthdays and Christmases now.

The Rev said...

The game was quite awesome too.

snowelf said...

Also you are in charge of scaring the crap out of her boyfriends.


El Padrino said...

are you going to make him an offer he cant refuse?

MSU gal said...

My god child is in college now. I just found out he is a member of one of those screaming bands and he is the screamer. Recently he showed me a video of his band of on his MYspace music page and I was floored by the lyrics. Where did I go wrong?

Los said...

Jeff - No kid of mine is going to Notre Dame!

Ink - That shouldn't be a problem.

Minijonb - Ugliest uniforms ever.

Superstar - I'll just invite her to my parties.

Rev - I'm sure you purchased one of those uniforms already, right?

Snowelf - I'll just be the chaperone.

ElP - I still gotta get better at the accent.

MSU Gal - Inject his life with the music of the Stones!!!!

Reverse said...

Congrats Los.