Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fake Fans ... I Hate 'Em!

I’ve probably written about this before, and if I have, I apologize, but the topic gets under my skin. Penn State played Notre Dame this past weekend, and absolutely pasted them (probably should’ve won by more, but that’s a different story). Anyway, I know a few people who are Notre Dame fans, and I’ve asked them why on a number of occasions. The only real response I get is, “well, why not?”

This really bugs me, and it’s not just people who decide to be Notre Dame fans. Basically, it’s anybody who just decides to be a fan of a team, even though he or she has no connection to that team. Listen, if you went to Notre Dame, live in South Bend, or have family that went to Notre Dame, then sure, you have every right to be an Irish fan, and I won’t think any less of you. However, if you have no connection to Notre Dame at all, other than being Irish or Catholic, then I’m sorry, you are a sell out, and I probably won’t be able to have an intelligent conversation with you about sports.

The same goes for you Yankees fans. Sure, if you grew up in the Bronx or New York City, or if you played on the Yankees or are good friends (or family) with someone who does or did, then, yes, you can be a Yankees fan. But, if you like the Yankees only because they win a lot of championships, then you aren’t a real fan. No, this is not debatable, so don’t waste your breath.

You HAVE to be a fan of the team in your city – it’s like a badge of honor. Do I get frustrated with the Phillies? Absolutely – on a daily basis, usually. BUT, I still root for them, and if they ever win, I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that I was with them through thick and thin.

We have a lot of Cowboys fans in Philly, which just boggles my mind. In fact, one of my good friends is a Cowboys fan … basically, because his mom is one, and she raised him to be a Cowboys fan. Do I think any less of him? Maybe not as a person, but definitely as a fan.

You can’t just pick any team you want to root for – that’s not what being a fan is about. I get nauseated when I see people (mostly unintelligent kids) walking around with San Antonio Spurs jerseys, because they won last year. These are the same kids who will walk around with Cubs’ jerseys the second they win the World Series. Guys – you aren’t cool. In fact, you make me want to throw up in my mouth!

Support your home team, dammit! It’s what you have to do! Do you think that New York Mets fans who live in New York think highly of you “imitators” who live in Philly but like the Mets? Sure, they get a laugh out of it, but they don’t respect you. Just like I don’t respect “Sixers” fans living in Topeka, Kansas. It just doesn’t make sense!

Knock it off!!!!


Jeff said...

But Raghib Ismail was a good Irish Catholic.

Kristin said...

We're Mets people, but that's cuz I am originally from Queens and have stayed loyal to the home team!

Also, it takes too long to say, "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim". ;-)

minijonb said...

there has to be some connection. i usually root for teams at places i went to school or have lived. it doesn't explain why i root for a soccer team in London. West Ham is the ultimate underdog club... that's why i support them.

sirgeb said...

one of my psu college buddies just found out that his girlfriend hates penn state and equates rooting for his college team to rooting for the cowboys or yankees.

long story short, he needs a new girlfriend.

Superstar said...

LOL what is it with those dang "cowboys"? LOL we have the same problem with Raider fans and the cowboys in PHX...

Fair weathered fans chap my hide.

I'm right there with you.

Even though I will be secretly rooting for those fighting Irish! *giggles*

ToddPacker said...

standing-o for that post, los

Los said...

Jeff - I long for the days of that high school coach that coached at Notre Dame.

Kristin - That is more than acceptable.

Minijonb - We really don't have soccer in the States, so this is ok.

Sirgeb - He must dump her ... immediately. There is no hope for a long-term relationship.

Superstar - Please don't tell me you are an Irish fan!

TP - Thank you so much. It came from the heart.

Ink and Stone said...

Screw your misconceptions!
Root for who you want, when you want, and why you want!

(Or do what I do, and not give a flying frog's fat ass about teams, fans, or sports!)