Sunday, September 30, 2007

We've Got High Hopes ...

My goodness – the Phils are in the playoffs! It seems so surreal. I’m still not sure if I believe it. This team has given us so many heart-aches the last few years, and before that, the product that was put on the field had no heart. I’m sure by now, many of you know it’s been 14 years since the last time the Phillies made it to the postseason. I was a senior in college then.

This team, much like that 1993 team, has a lot of heart and character. Sure, their pitching staff isn’t the greatest, and the manager would never be confused with a Nobel Prize winner, but somehow, this team never quit. Obviously, they got some help from the Mets, but the Phils still had to go out there and win … and win, they did.

I’m not sure how far they’ll go – I have my doubts, especially with the starting pitchers they have. But, look at what the Cardinals did last season, and their pitching staff was probably worse than ours.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a believer. I’ve seen this team fall short far too often. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t rooting for them. I just had low expectations. After they lost yesterday, I even said, “Here we go again.” But, this team is different. The players they have on the field will run through walls to win games.

I was talking with a friend of mine earlier today, and he summed it up perfectly when he said, “I’m not really sure what to do, or how to act, because it’s been so long.” I assume he was talking about the Phillies and not about his sex life … ba-da-bing!

I remember how excited I was with every pitch of the playoffs in 1993, and I can’t wait to once again take that ride with this team. Whether they win or lose at this point, this season is a success. Go Phils!


Jeff said...

This team is dangerous in the playoffs because, if their pitchers give up runs, it's just another day at the office.

Thanks to Jamie Moyer for doing his primary job: keeping Jose Mesa off the field today.

And can we finally stop killing Charlie Manuel for his southern accent? The team that quit on Bowa busts it for Manuel every time. That's the manager's top job, and it wasn't easy this year after losing 3 starting pitchers (and not losing Adam Eaton).

sirgeb said...

I saw the post game festivities, and everyone was acting like complete fools. Players were getting doused with beer, managers were getting doused with beer, even the reporters, while interviewing people, were getting doused with beer (don't worry it was Bud). Anyway, 13 years of futility will do that to you, I guess.

And considering how well the other teams I root for played this weekend, I may have to do the unthinkable…

-B- said...

This is pretty amazing - but there is one problem: every time I tuned in to see how the Phils were doing over the last two weeks, they were screwing up, or the other team was jumping all over them. And the games I couldn't watch they kicked major ass. Once again I was on the road yesterday and couldn't watch that game.... I hate to say it guys and gals, but I HAVE to watch the Phils in the playoffs!!!! lol

El Padrino said...

I am choosing not to say anything for fear of sounding like a sore loser. So this is just an acknowledgement that I read this post.

Carry on.

Reverse said...

It's like Bizzaro World out there. Next thing you know they'll be warming up in Phone Booths.

minijonb said...

it should be fun to watch... and as the Tigers proved last year, even a NL team can still win the World Series. who knows how far they can go...

Crassius Maximus said...

It's funny how many had them pegged for post season, then it was over for a while , then they started str8 ballin'. Adam Eaton is a big homo, tho'. Don't let him near the ballpark for the playoffs.

Superstar said...

ANYTHING is possible. Did you see the Cardnials won agains the Steelers?!?!?!?
~mouth hanging open~

Los said...

Jeff - any team can win in the NL at this point.

Sir Geb - turning to the dark side?

-b- Oh no! You're going to give them the "Reverse" hex?

ElP - I've been on that other side for far too long.

Reverse - Leave it to you to make a comic book reference!

Mini - Let's hope their young guys don't get stage fright.

Crass - Gillick did a horrible job this past offseason. Amazing the Phils got to where they are.

Superstar - It's the rebirth of Kurt Warner!