Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008 Predictions!

Whew! Another year gone by already. Before you know it, we’ll be putting balls on the trees (wait, that didn’t sound good), and ushering out another year (why does time go by so much quicker now than when we were kids? Eh, a topic for another blog, I guess!). Despite my poor showing with my 2007 predictions, I am going to give it another shot in 2008 (please, hold the applause!).

10. We’re gonna see the NHL on ESPN again. The Outdoor Life Network/Versus experience did nothing to help hockey, and probably set them back a bit (in addition to that horrific lockout). Sure, ESPN won’t offer as much money as Versus, but the publicity that the NHL will garner from being on the Worldwide sports leader will more than make up for that. Plus, the outdoor game that was played on January 1 did surprisingly well with regards to ratings. Can’t do any worse than the Bluebonnet bowl, can it?

9. Barry Bonds will not spend any time in jail. It saddens me to say so, but this guy is more slippery than an eel dipped in Vasoline. He’ll find some way (probably via the OJ Simpson expensive lawyer model) to avoid the iron bars (and male lovin’).

8. A Reality Show channel will appear on cable … sure, sure, MTV has already been working with this formula for some time now, but they haven’t quite been able to fill 24-hours with reality shows … yet.

7. A prominent politician, one running for president, will have to deal with some sort of scandal …. Hey, it happens every 4-years … like clock-work.

6. Philadelphia’s sports teams will once again let-down their city by not winning a championship (25 years and counting). The Flyers have made strides, but they are too inconsistent. The Phillies still have Pat Burrell and a bullpen that looks more like the insides of an outhouse. The Eagles seem to be content with being just good enough. And the Sixers seem to be at least 2 years away from serious contention.

5. Thanks to two of my best friends planning on getting married in 2008, I will be a lot lighter in the pockets … sigh.

4. The Rolling Stones will release another album, and start their 35th farewell tour … and of course, I’m all for it!

3. More groups that sound like Nickleback, My Chemical Romance, and Three Doors Down will sadly supersaturate our pathetic airwaves … whatever happened to creativity anyway?

2. Chevy will continue using annoying rock songs to push their mediocre cars and trucks … hey, why change a formula that doesn’t seem to work?

1. Every household in the U.S. will finally have a Nintendo Wii … but this won’t happen until late November … sadly.


Jeff said...

10. Wbo's Next to get punched out?

9. Bonds will try to become a half-season rent-a-player like Clemens.

8. It's called the Food Network.

7. The 2012 primaries will begin on November 5, 2008.

6. A Philly sports title would be merely an inconvenient, minor interruption in our sweet continuous self-imposed agony.

5. Sounds like plenty of notice to plan savings.

4. Mike Tyson retired fewer times than the Stones.

3. Who?

2. This is OOOUURRRRRRRRR country.

1. I'm in no hurry.

Ink and Stone said...

10. Hockey is about the only sport worth watching.

9. Los, exactly how do you know how slippery a vaselined eel is?

8. And said Reality Channel will have a completely non-sensical name like "The Weasel Network" to keep in tradition with MTV's usage of channel names that have nothing to do with what they air.

7. or Martial Law.

6. Ya want some cheese with that whiiiiiiiiiiiine?

5. But it's all good, no?

4. You know, they're never gonna die...

3. Thank the gods I listen to MP3s and not the BS on the radio.

2. Buy Japanese!

1. I will eventually own a Wii... Godzilla Unleashed beckons me.

Crassius Maximus said...

The outdoor hockey game was genius. I think they should have done it on Christmas day with no bowls to compete with, and the ratings would have been even better.

El Padrino said...

my chemical aint that bad
nickelback is putrid

rangers/devils at the meadowlands Jan 1 st 2009

write it down

-B- said...

Los, sadly there is a reality channel on digital cable - FOX Reality. The world is f'ed.

Oh, and I agree with the Wii prediction - ya hear that Ink?!!!
Get yours and you're going down in Super Monkey Ball:Banana Blitz!...
I sound real tough talking about monkey balls!! lol

minijonb said...

The outdoor game in Buffalo was fun to watch on a big screen. I saw the Cold War game outisde at Michigan State a few years ago, and that was a cold night to sit on a metal bleacher to watch a hockey game, but it was a blast. The NHL should do it every year.

Superstar said...

#4 UMMM there already is a reality TV channel. It shows re-runs of American Idol and other past reality shows. PLUS out takes and goofs!!!


#1 NOT ME!!! NOT going to happen.

Lisa said...

#3 - If I ever hear "drops of jupiter" again it'll be too soon. please tell me "drops of uranus" isn't on the way!?!?!

Los said...

Jeff - I get the feeling that the only league Bonds will be playing in is the California Penal league.

Ink - I'm just guessing that eels dipped in vaseline would be slippery ... that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

Crass - This will be an annual occurrence for the NHL - they may even play more snow games.

ElP - A Devils vs. Rangers outdoor game would be awesome. I'm guessing we won't see a Lightning vs. Panthers outdoor game, though.

-B- When Ink gets the Wii, we'll all need to get Guitar Hero, so we can play each other online.

Minijonb - I think the NHL should do this more than just once a year.

Superstar - You'll get the Wii once Rock Band is available for it.

Babs - I didn't even find a blog suited to talk about that pig slop of a group, Train.

Catherinette Singleton said...

You forgot to add the hangover from which you will suffer(it goes along with number 5).

snowelf said...

I'm going for 8 out of ten for you this year, Los! :)