Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Stuff ...

Just a few random entertainment (and sports) thoughts.

Sly Stallone is releasing yet another Rambo movie – the first one in many years. He cashed in on the Rocky franchise, so I guess he decided he couldn’t pass up the guaranteed Rambo money. I’ve never seen any of the Rambo movies, but from what I’ve heard, he probably should’ve just left it alone. I mean, he basically should call this Rambo vs. Cocoon.

Will it be believable having a 60-something year old doing some huge freedom fighting? I guess it helps that he’s kept his body in some sort of shape via workouts … and probably some steroids. Here’s to hoping this guy doesn’t decide to do any sequels to Oscar or Tango and Cash.

So, Brittney Spears decided not to show up in court when she saw the circus in front of it. She decided to grab some coffee and go shopping instead. I don’t know about you guys, but this definitely sounds like a woman who wants her kids back. Sadly, Kevin Federline looks like the most normal parent … even with his ridiculous Mohawk. Those kids are screwed!

Maybe it’s just me, being a Philadelphia sports fan, but I got a certain amount of joy watching the Cowboys lose this weekend, even if it was against the Giants. Seeing Jerry Jones nearly swallow his tongue on the sidelines, and watching T.O. cry like a little baby during the press conference increased the joy that I felt. It was so funny to hear T.O. claim that he’s always had his quarterbacks’ back … yeah – he stands behind his quarterbacks, and then stabs them. The Cowboys should probably let him go at this point, he’s overdue for another team demolition.


Jeff said...

Stallone: Rambo could kick some old Castro butt.

Britney Spears: destined for porn.

Cowboys: Dang.

Lisa said...

Rambo vs Cocoon = Ramboon

On T.O. and the Cowboys, I totally agree with you .... I enjoyed every minute of their loss. TO's boohooing was great, and I hope he has a big workout temper tantrum that leaves the team in shambles. They get everything they have coming to them. Get out your popcorn! ... Babs Peapod

Sandi said...

I've never seen a Rambo movie either. Actually, I've never seen a Rocky movie.

On Britney - I agree, those poor kids.

On T.O.- Does anyone like him? I'm not sure his own mother can stand him.

ToddPacker said...

i actually hate the giants more than i hate the cowboys.... goes along with being a bitter jets fan... go packers

minijonb said...

a new Rambo movie? damn, that's just going to suck. straight to video suckage. no hope for that project.

mollymcmo said...

i've never ever seen a rambo movie....nor a rocky movie either. i consider it time well saved.


Los said...

Jeff - Now, if Kobe Bryant could break a leg ...

Lisa - Ramboon ... I like it!

Sandi - I know one person who likes T.O. ... himself.

TP - I usually hate the Giants and Cowboys the same ... however, T.O. is the tipping point.

Minijonb - Actually, it's being released into the theatres in the next week.

Molly - The first 2 Rocky's were actually pretty good.