Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Odds and Ends ...

1. So, Heath Ledger died of an apparent drug overdose today. My first thought was – well, I guess he couldn’t get over the fact that most people thought he was “alternative,” after seeing Brokeback Mountain. However, I think we need to look further into these celebrity drug stories and celebrate the celebrities that area apparently immune to drug overdoses, like Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood. Shouldn’t they be doing celebrity seminars, teaching other celebrities how to avoid overdosing whilst taking massive quantities of drugs?

2. The big story right before Super Bowl week in the U.S. is about Tom Brady walking around with a bouquet of flowers, with some sort of protective boot on his leg. Most people think the guy has some sort of foot injury. I want to offer my own theory – I think Bill Belichik came up with this plan to have Brady walk around in this boot, making the Giants believe he is injured and “vulnerable.” I want put it by Bill – he’s one of the greatest in the game at mind games. He would make a terrific wrestling manager … possibly along the lines of Captain Lou Albano or Bobby “the Brain” Heenan. What would his nickname be, though?

3. The Rev gave me a wonderful Christmas present the other day (hey, we haven’t had a chance to see each other much recently). It is the Rolling Stones Guitar Anthology – a book with the notes to some popular Stones songs. As some of you know, I’ve been practicing acoustic guitar a little over the past few years – basically trying to teach myself, with the help of some online guides (I’m still not very good, but hey – I’m having fun). In looking at this, it’s gonna take me quite a while to get a song down, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

4. Ed Snyder, who basically is the “ruler” of the Philadelphia Flyers and Sixers, announced plans to demolish the old Philadelphia Spectrum in order to put some kind of new entertainment area together in South Philly – I think he is calling it “Philly Live.” Believe me, I LOVE the old Spectrum – heck, it’s the last building that hosted a championship team from Philadelphia, now that the big toilet – a.k.a. Veteran’s Stadium, is no more. But, I think it’s high time somebody did something about putting entertainment – bars, restaurants and shopping – around the stadium complex. Seriously, there really isn’t anything to do when you go to a sports game in Philly. You drive to the stadium, go to the game, get back in the car (or train), and go home. It would be great to have something like Inner Harbor in Baltimore, or the entertainment around the stadiums in Cleveland. Philly just never planned anything like that, unfortunately (part of many things Philly has done wrong).


Jeff said...

1. Ozzy Osbourne?

2. Bill "Ze Bub" Belichick?

3. Much easier to learn to play something you like. I have a Billy Joel book for piano ... and absolutely no idea how he played Prelude to Angry Young Man.

4. Spectrum, damn near killed 'em.

snowelf said...

1. I was so bummed about Heath Ledger when I learned about that today. I think your idea is spot on. *and apparently I've adopted an English accent today.

2. Ha!! I also thought the SAME thing!!!

3. Very cool Los, you and Super both can be my guitar heroes now. hehehehe

4. My friend who visited Philly said it's all farmland and then BAM the stadium. This only confirms that for me. :)

Oh--and I felt bad for the Pack too. :)


Superstar said...

Heath is a HUGE loss! I mean, between 10 things I hate about you and the Brokeback MT...LOL ;o) It's a sad thing to hear that a young life was "thrown" away.

@Snowelf! I am so not a guitar hero!!! OMG!!! seriously! I have to admit the more I play, the better I get, and when I play w/ more experience players..I pick stuff up!


My apt is for rent for whom ever wants to come out and go to the superbowl!!!


Lisa said...

Here's an idea, why don't they put the casino down there instead of at the end of my block and the middle of the most crowded part of Delaware Ave? Seriously, I agree with you ... once a game lets out, forget finding anything to do ... or even a taxi.

..Barbra Peapod

The Rev said...

Just play me a little "She's So Cold" the next time we hang out. That's all I ask.

Eric said...

You know things are bleak in an area when you're looking up to Baltimore and Cleveland.

Christina_the_wench said...

I will miss Heath. ~sighs~

Hey did you hear S. Crosby is hurt? This helps me in fantasy hockey! :)

El Padrino said...

i always wanted to play guitar

Los said...

Jeff - I LIKE the Belichick nickname!

Snow Elf - Yeah, you don't have to drive far from the city to get to the "rural" areas.

Superstar - You should SO rent out a room for the Super Bowl - you could probably make some serious money!

Babs - They should incorporate the casino with the sports arenas ... I think they could maximize their intake that way ... plus, save you from a lot of concern.

Rev - I'll work on it, my friend.

Eric - Sadly, that's a good point ...

Christina - I know full well about Mr. Crosby. Flyers play the Pens tonight!

ElP - It's never too late!