Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Random Stuff ...

Sorry guys and gals, I just haven’t been able to put a post together about one complete thought or story lately, so I hope you don’t mind these little observations.

1. You know what really annoys me? These “word verifications” areas – especially the ones required when posting on Blogger (on specific sites). I don’t mind retyping a word shown on screen, however, blogger makes it more difficult by zig-zagging and bending the letters, making it hard to see if the letters are j’s or i’s, or q’s or g’s. Isn’t there a better way?

2. I really am not thrilled about any of the presidential candidates so far, although if I was forced to choose, I would pick McCain from the right, and Obama from the left. I’m seriously considering voting for Chuck Norris at this point.

3. NFC and AFC championship games today! On the NFC side, who would’ve thought that either Green Bay or New York would make it. I’m pulling for Green Bay, but for some reason, I don’t detest this Giants team nearly as much as I should. In the AFC, an injured Chargers team tries to stop a freight train known as the Patriots. It looks like we’re going to have a rematch of 1997’s Super Bowl contenders. I predict this – If Favre can somehow lead the Packers to a Super Bowl victory, he’ll retire. Great career, my friend.

4. I have a friend who recently bought (actually, downloaded) the new Ringo Starr album. I had no idea Ringo was still creating music … and getting paid for it.

5. We went to Hooters last night to watch the Flyers game, enjoy some wings (I’m still not crazy about Hooters’ wings), and, of course, take in the beautiful sites. Midway through the 3rd period, the Hooters staff changes all the channels to the HBO boxing pay per view. I was livid! When was the last time there’s been a boxing ppv that was worth paying for? We somehow convinced them to turn one of the channels back to the Flyers game. Bastards!

6. Is everyone else as annoyed by that new McDonalds Chicken McNuggets commercial with those two guys “rapping” about it? I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!! Worst of all, when I hear it, I can’t get it out of my mind! I keep hearing “McNugget Time, McNugget Time, McNugget Time …. Ketchup and mayo ....” I want to punch those guys in the throat …. On top of that, who dips their McNuggets in mayo? That’s just plain ridiculous. I would almost rather watch the Chevy commercial with the John Mellancamp song …. Almost.


The Rev said...

Let me guess who downloaded the Ringo album... Johnnay, right?

Jeff said...

Chuck Norris: this summer, I saw a guy wearing a fake-Che shirt with Chuck Norris' face and reading, "Chucktocracy." Hilarious.

Football: At least the Giants' beating Dallas made it possible to root for ANYONE to beat New England. I hope to see Madden (and his Brett Favre man-crush) calling a Green Bay Super Bowl.

Hooters: They have TVs?

McNuggets rappers: This is OOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR country!

Lisa said...

I'm waiting anyday now for McDonalds to come out with the "Midget Mac" with an advertising campaign around New York and her contestant (Midget Mac) from season II. .... Prez candidates: I can't believe that after knowing for 4 years we'd need a new prez that this is the best crop of people we could come up with to choose from.

sirgeb said...

this is in response to your tv blog - since I'm a big geek (and i'm a little late in responding to that):

LCDs use less power than CRTs and Plasmas respectively.

Plasmas have less of a 'ghosting' problem than LCDs, but can experience 'burn in'

CRTs are still the best at reproducing blacks followed by Plasmas and then LCDs hey-ohh

When plasmas/CRTs fail- they generally fail completely, whereas you may lose a pixel or two on LCDs

Standard TVs are 480i (meaning they display 240 alternating horizontal lines at a time) i = interlaced

480p (progressive) means they display all 480 lines at the same time (2x the resolution of 480i)

780i = 390 lines at a time
780p = 780 lines at a time

1080i = 540 lines at a time
1080p = 1080 lines at a time

There's debate whether 780p or 1080i is better- most HDTVs can do up to 1080i where the super duper ones can do 1080p. There's really no need for 1080p unless you have blu-ray and a 70 inch screen.

There is a new technology (i foget the name) that's supposed to not have the limitations of lcd/plasma. It'll be out soon and it'll be expensive.

32 inch lcds can go for like $500 at this point- they've really come down in price over the past year.

The Stevo in H-Town said...

I STILL don't know what that "word verification" crap is all about...kind uvva pain inda ass....

Superstar said...

1. I agree the word verifications are supposed to be another form of "security".

2. I am thinking of going for the write in vote of Mickey Mouse.

3. Wasn't that a GREAT GAME?!?!?! I was SHOCKED that GB didn't pull it out!

6. Only more annoying commercial from McDonalds is the "reapper" kiddos and the parents watching them to that line dance song. Slide. NOW every-body-clap your hands da, da, da, da dah.
~shakes head~
criss cross.
~puts fist in air~

OH and right. Like you wnet to hooters for the wings. ~coughs BullS**t~

El Padrino said...


Los said...

Rev - Bingo!

Jeff - Anything and everything "Chuck" is funny!

Lisa - I think you should've copyrighted that!

Sir Geb - I'm sure I'll be contacting you more when we move forward with the purchase.

Stevo - I agree 100%!

Superstar - Now, can the Giants pull of an even greater upset in two weeks?

ElP - This may be more annoying than any of those boy band songs ...

snowelf said...

1. I hate wv too because I can't type them right the first time like EVER. I don't mind if other people have them, I completely respect them, but I'll never use them on my blog.
Plus it always feels like another chance for Blogger to eat my comment.

2. Vote Chuck in '08. (I also have NO FREAKIN clue who to vote for)

3. No way is he gonna retire, Los...Farve is going to die on the field. I really think he will--he's going to play until he just croaks in mid-throw. either...

5. I think Hooters wings are as overrated as Starbucks coffee.

6. Everytime I watch that commercial it reminds me of a guy I once dated in 9th grade! How funny/sad is that!!?