Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ugh, a Meme!

Superstar asked that I do this Meme, and even though I normally don’t do these, I figured what the heck.

1. My favorite Holiday: I have to say Christmas, although Halloween is a close second, because I love to dress up (but not in drag).

2. My least favorite thing to do: Hmmmm … I guess it would have to be dust and vacuum – I do it every two weeks and can’t stand it. Second on the list is wash the car.

3. My first childhood memory – I remember a lot of weird things. I think my earliest memory was when I was approaching 3, and still crapping my diapers – my mom wouldn’t let me go outside again until I used the toilet. I didn’t crap for 3 days.

4. My most memorable moment at a wedding: Geez, that’s tough. I usually am asked to do the Mick Jagger at some point. I remember one wedding in which the DJ put the bride in the center of the dance floor, and had all the guys kneel around her to sing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” Well, somehow, I got the microphone, and was singing and putting the microphone in other’s faces, and everybody was singing. However, when it got to the second part, nobody knew the words, so I just sat there in silence for a few seconds, and then uttered this most provocative word into the microphone (very loud, mind you): “Yeeeaaaahhhh!” The DJ promptly took the microphone from me.

5. Most dangerous stunt: Hmmmm, I don’t take too many risks – I remember the first time I ever went skiing, and did it without any lessons. The bunny slope wasn’t bad, but my friend took me up to the “big people’s” slopes – I think I hit every mogul on the slope … and fell every time.

6. Most spontaneous moment – Going to the Rolling Stones concert in Toronto (Sars Fest) in 2003. It was a few months before our wedding – we were at a bar, and heard the Stones would be playing there, along with AC/DC, Rush, and Justin Timberlake (my wife was thrilled with this). We just decided we’d go at that moment. I think it was a few weeks away.

7. Most frightening event: When I was a youngster, I was afraid to go down in the basement. We had a very loud heater, and even though I never knew what a monster sounded like, I swore it was similar to my heater.

8. Something you know how to do that would never guess about you: I know how to cook. Even though I’m a huge fan of fast food (and doing a good job of staying away from it, somehow), I love to cook, and am getting more creative as time goes on (my wife helps me with this).


Steph said...

You're such a SNAG. You clean AND cook??? Awwww.

Jeff said...

You dance to "It's Raining Men" but don't dress in drag? What's the difference?

You seem to remember crapping your diapers as if it happened last week. Hmmm ...

Beer probably also helps with cooking creativity. Does for me, anyway.

Shouldn't your double-arm-cast bachelor party be your memorable wedding moment? (Sue, I meant exchanging vows with you. Honest!)

Lisa said...

SARS FEST!!! Oy, I'd just about forgotten about that. Ah the fun!

BTW, I'm behind the times on what a "meme" is. I'm gathering it's some new term for a blogging questionnaire/survey? Is it pronounced meemee, me'me', memmmee, meem? This is the stupid stuff that runs through my head before I've had my coffee. ... Babs Peapod

El Padrino said...

surprised you remember the wedding moments

Superstar said...

LOL ;o) I love it! ~claps hands~
You get a GOLD star in Bambi's class today AND you can pick from the "treasure box"!!!

minijonb said...

SARS-fest? Can we have a "this economy sucks-fest" this summer?

Los said...

Steph - One step away from playing for the other team ...

Jeff - Good point ...

Lisa - Yes, a Meme is like a survey ... another blogger "tags" you, and then you have to answer the questions, and tag other bloggers - I don't tag other bloggers, though.

ElP - I've forgotten about plenty of weddings, believe me.

Superstar - I don't mind doing shorter memes, but not the ones that are like 20+ questions.

Minijonb - We could have Creed headline this.