Thursday, January 24, 2008

Podcasting, Part 2

So, a few friends of mine and I decided to start a podcast, because we feel like talking … basically, about nothing in particular. As some of you know, the Reverend and I had a podcast going about a year ago, but we just haven’t been able to get together to do any more podcasts. Let me stress that I would like to continue the Los and Smoke show, and that this new podcast “venture” is not replacing Los and Smoke.

My friends Slant and The Maverick think we have some funny things to talk about – heck, we make each other laugh all the time … I’m not sure if that is a good enough reason to start a podcast, but we thought we’d give it a try. Slant and I podcasted this weekend – our goal was to talk about the NFL playoffs, but we quickly moved away from that, and talked about anything and everything for close to 50 minutes! Some of the topics included reasons behind my poor taste in music back in college, the night I strained boiling noodles onto my feet, and a phone call from the Reverend himself (sure, you couldn’t hear him, but still …).

Sure, the sound quality leaves something to be desired – we basically spoke into one microphone whilst trying to watch the Chargers vs. Patriots game – so there were pops and buzzes …. I didn’t really clean it up too much, because … well, because I wanted to get the podcast up before it became irrelevant … and, yes, because I’m also lazy. I promise we’ll try to make it sound more professional down the line.

One of the tough things about this podcast is trying to make sure the show runs smoothly. The Reverend was great at this, and I didn’t realize how difficult it actually is. I’ll get better, I promise. I’ll have to go back and listen to old Los and Smoke podcasts and take notes.

In case you’re interested, have a listen. Let me know what you think:


The Rev said...

Let's schedule one soon.

I'll be happy to be a guest on your podcast with Brandon too.

Lisa said...

I haven't listened yet, but am glad you're getting back to it! ... Babs Peapod

ToddPacker said...

i can't believe you fired rev... i'll have to check out the new podcast

Steph said...

lol, you guys should do stand up.

-B- said...

Yes, the Rev is truly a master at how he ran the Los and Smoke Show. We would like to hear more!
Checking out the new podcast now....