Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Days .... Again!

A few coworkers and I were discussing the TV show Happy Days on Friday ... yeah, it was a pretty busy day ... This was once the biggest show on television .... funny, how you can't even find it on reruns anymore. But, I digress...

We discussed quite a few topics that I wanted to share with you. First, we talked about the opening music - during season one, it was Rock Around the Clock, By Bill Haley and His Comets ... did you know that it was "And His," and not "And The?" Yes, this is what I bring to the table. Bill Haley's Comets continue to tour, even though he has been dead for quite a while. We discussed whether the Comets play different versions of Rock Around the Clock during the concert ... like an acoustic version, radio clean, hip-hop, etc. After the first season (maybe the second), Happy Days switched opening songs to the song ... Happy Days! One coworker swore that this song was sung by Fats Domino.

We then moved on to the Fonzie and Richie Cunningham relationship, and how unplausible this was. I mean, Fonzie was a "greaser" and Richie was a "nerd," yet these guys are best friends and, in a sense, brothers??? How'd this happen, and is this why Richie's older brother Chip was never seen again after the first season?

Staying with Fonzie, we wondered if the guy ever combed his hair ... we always see him pulling his comb out of his pocket, looking in the mirror, and then deciding his hair was perfect. Also, what about Fonzie elbowing and hip-checking the juke box to get a song to play? First, wasn't Arnold upset with this? Second, could Fonzie dictate which song to play by hitting the jukebox in different ways? That's almost super-hero-like.

We talked about Al, who ran Arnold's - the hang-out for the Happy Days teens. When he left Happy Days, he started doing On-Core frozen dinner commercials ... basically inviting himself over for dinner to anybody who bought On-Core. If anything, this would make me avoid buying On-Core. Also, because On-Core is basically a frozen dinner for a number of people, who's buying this stuff and giving it to guests? I'd be pretty upset if a friend invited me over for dinner and served me On-Core .... again, I digress...

Anyway, I wanted to see your thoughts on Happy Days (Aside from the 'jump the shark' part).


scargosun said...

We watched TONS of Happy Days re-runs in our house. I kinda get the whole Fonzie/Richie thing. Richie looked up to him and Fonzie looked out for him. As they matured, they were more friends. Remember that episode when Richie came back home after being away for a long time and he and Fonzie got into it b/c Richie thought Fonzie was still treating him like the kid that needed to be looked out for? What I also never got was why NONE of Richie's friends actually hooked up with Joanie. I mean, she had a crush on Potsey(ie?) but he shot her down. I have no idea how long a comment can be but I could go on forever about all those 70's early 80's reruns.

BTW - It is Philly Sport and Social Club. You can seriously play at any age. It's the Manayunk league that has a ll the youngsters.

Sandi said...

It always pissed me off that they never mentioned Richie's older brother, Chip, again.

Remember in season 1 when Fonzie wore a blue windbreaker? The leather jacket didn't appear until season 2.

Why didn't they just kill the show when Ron Howard left? It was AWFUL after that.

Paige Jennifer said...

When I was younger, my mom allowed me 2 hours of television a week. Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley ALWAYS made the cut. Always.

Kathy said...


Lisa said...

I thought Chachi was cute, and I wanted to grow up to wear cool clothes like Pinkie Tuscadero.

That show ... no that line-up ... was the best TV night ever in the history of me.

....Barbra Peapod

Jeff said...

Fonz + Richie = bromance, much like JD and Turk on Scrubs.

Los said...

Scargosun - Wow, you are a Happy Days fan!

Sandi - I forgot about the Fonzie blue jacket!!!!

Paige - I liked Laverne and Shirley, especially Lenny and Squiggy ... by the way, how does someone get the nickname Squiggy anyway?

Kathy - Thank you!

Jeff - I can't even biggen to think about that without throwing up a little in my mouth!

Los said...

Babs - Chachi always got on my nerves.