Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Roger, Roger, Roger!

Sometimes lies can come back and haunt you … in a really big way. Remember Roger Clemens, the “legendary” pitcher who has been the center of the Major League Baseball steroid scandal universe? Yeah, well it seems like he’s about to try and conquer other universes.

The latest allegation? Well, that would be that Roger Clemens had a relationship/affair with country music singer Mindy McCready … I guess that alone would be a hit to not only Clemens’s reputation, but his current marriage. However, the story gets a little worse. You see, Clemens apparently met McCready at a karaoke bar when he was 28 … but, McCready was only 15 at the time.

Clemens’s stock has dropped quicker than the U.S. dollar in recent months (it was either between the dollar or Lindsay Lohan’s panties). I mean, seriously, what’s next for Clemens? Is he secretly a member of the Church of Scientology? Does he enjoy kicking puppies? Is he a Communist spy? Ty Cobb thinks this guy is a creep.

And to think, Clemens probably could’ve avoided all of this if he would’ve just swallowed his enormous ego and admitted to taking steroids, and apologizing for it. That’s impossible for someone like Clemens, who is more than willing to take his own family and best friends down with him.

In a way, I feel bad … but I’m really not sure who I feel bad for. Is it the fans who cheered on this “icon?” Is it the family and friends who are sinking with him? Is it Clemens, who just can’t put his swollen pride aside to do the right thing? I’m not sure – but I’ll tell you one thing … Barry Bonds is probably enjoying this.


Lisa said...

All we need now is for his pastor to come out of the woodwork, and he could steal the show from one of the other circus acts in media-town. .... Barbra Peapod

Sandi said...

I am going on record stating that I ALWAYS hated Roger Clemens, never considered him a true Yankee and was pissed as hell when they replaced David Wells, the season after he pitched his perfect game, with this big, giant, steroid-taking, lying a--hole.

ToddPacker said...

clemens deserves every bit of this... i hope they get even more stuff on this giant dirtbag

scargosun said...

Sometimes those lies just keep adding up. Peel away, I am sure he is all those bad things you suggested and more.

Superstar said...

can I just ask, what the H-e doubble hockey sticks is a 15 yr old doin in a BAR?!?!??!?!

just sayin'

LOL I like you line about the money droppin'...hehehehhe Im so stealing that line!

Kathy said...

This was a great post.

Does he enjoy kicking puppies? Were do you come up with this stuff??

scargosun said...

You were right about the kinda inside joke with the toaster. BS5 was not sure what one was when I described my toaster oven so I posted one for him.

Los said...

Lisa - It seems Clemens had several affairs ... I'm sure we'll find out more with each passing day.

Sandi - I never really knew much about Clemens other than that he was a great pitcher.

TP - He probably invented AIDS.

Scargosun - He is definitely one smelly "onion."

Superstar - Well, she is a singer, so she probably went to Karaoke bars to practice her trade in front of people.

Kathy - Eh, I heard it somewher before ... loved it, and continue to use it, when appropriate.