Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Love This Commercial!

Has anyone seen that Bud-Light commercial with the guy who opens a beer in the kitchen, and begins to hear his dog speak? This may be the funniest commercial in years – basically, the dog continues to say “sausages” over and over again … actually, the dog is pleading for sausage. In case you haven’t, here it is:

First, let me say that the only bad part of the commercial was the squirrel at the end – saying “Mind your own business, chump!” in a rather annoying voice. Personally, I think the squirrel should’ve been saying something along the line of “nuts!” in a similar fashion to what the dog was doing.

In thinking about this commercial, aren’t there other food items a dog would prefer over sausages, such as bacon, steak, or a juicy bone? I’m not too sure that sausages would even come in the top 10. Am I right here? Sure, sure, I’m probably reading too much into this, and should just enjoy the commercial for what it is, right? I’m guessing, saying “Steak” repeatedly would not be nearly as funny as “sausages.”

Besides that, I’m intrigued. I want to know what this guy looks like, or where he used his voice before? Do you think he’ll be stereotyped from now on, ala Gilligan? I mean, when you hear his voice in other commercials, will you immediately think of the Bud Light commercial? Will you refuse to buy products his voice is promoting if these products are not Bud Light?

O.K. – you’ve probably figured it out – I really couldn’t think of anything else to write about. But, you have to admit – that is one funny commercial.


10,000 and counting said...

You know what dogs really love?

Licking their own nuts.

Ink and Stone said...

That reminded of the commercial (for snausages, I think) where the camera is the eyes of the dog...

"Bacon, bacon, bacon, I smell bacon, what's in the bag? I can't read!"

Or I may be combining two dog treat commercials, but hey, they're funny.

sirgeb said...

I believe the 'Bacon' commercial is for Beggin' Strips from the 90s(dogs don't know it's not bacon!).

Snausages was that cartoon in the 80's with the dog just saying Snausages over and over again:

I think what we've determined today is that you can't go wrong with commercials about a dog saying a food item over and over again; it's a tried and true formula that they've made better over the years.

El Padrino said...

Snausages are very popular dog snack, you need to brush up on dog dieting.

Ink and Stone said...

Hey, you're right sirgeb, it was Beggin' Strips! (That video cracks me up) Heh. The snausages commercial is still pretty funny too, didn't remember that it was animated. They're both pretty funny.

Los said...

Rev - nice work.
Ink - Mmmm ... bacon!
Geb - Nice research!
ElP - I wouldn't have gotten that one wrong!

Alaina said...

Finally got to watch this... youtube blocked from work... anyways... That's funny. I'm just sayin'