Sunday, April 13, 2008


OK – I have to come clean … I was ALWAYS under the belief that in order to have fun at a bachelor party, you absolutely, positively HAD to include a stop at a “gentleman’s establishment.” Sure, one could fill the day with other events and activities, such as a round of golf, trip to the Phillies game, or trip to the casino, but it was ALWAYS necessary to include the above-mentioned stop, or else it really couldn’t be considered a bachelor party.

This weekend, my feelings may have swayed a little. You see, this was the first time I attended a bachelor party in which a gentleman’s club trip was not included in the events and activities … yes folks, history was indeed made. The thought of it initially perplexed me. How is this even possible? Isn’t it a law to have strippers included in a bachelor party? Would the world suddenly end because of this travesty?

I found out all of the answers to these questions and more. Yes, it is true that one CAN have a bachelor party and not have to see any skin. Is this preferred? Probably not. But, it IS possible. Now, the other activities and events need to be stepped up in order to do this. For instance, this particular bachelor party took place in Brigantine and Atlantic City … which means there were more than enough potential activities to keep us occupied.

We started out at a condo we rented – playing cards, drinking some beers, insulting each other incessantly … you know, typical guy stuff. We then took a cab to a place in Brigantine called the Laguna – it’s a beach bar, and we had some sort of special buffet and beer tower special set up for us. The food was great … and much needed. However, the beer towers left a little to be desired … when one hears the word “tower,” one probably envisions a rather large object. Unfortunately, the beer towers looked more like blenders filled with beer. We were able to somehow get the bartender to give us refills on these rather puny towers … all in all, not bad – we stayed about 4 hours, and then went on to our next stop … again via cab (hey, we’re safe guys … but also, Brigantine police are absolutely ridiculous).

Stop number two was Game On in the Caesar’s restaurant area … really cool sports bar with a night-club-like atmosphere. We had our own corner location, which was key for a number of reasons … first, the place was mobbed. Second, we had a great view of the tv screens, and the rest of the bar. Plus, we had our own semi-private bathroom. We stayed there for another 4 hours, chatting with women from other bachelorette parties, and basically getting more and more intoxicated (another key to a no strip club bachelor party). By the way, you ladies always seem to complain about bachelor parties being out of control … it seems to me you women aren’t innocent either … I make this statement because the “bride to be” of one of these bachelorette parties was basically checking my friend’s tonsils with her tongue as he was attempting to give her rump a nice hand-waxing … but I digress.

We then went to the casino to play some craps … but playing any table games whilst inebriated isn’t such a good idea … it took us only about 1 hour to find that out. At this point, it was about 4 a.m., and since I’m no longer in “game shape” when it comes to all night drink-fests, I was exhausted, and just wanted to get back to the house and sleep it off. All-in-all, not really a crazy night, especially by bachelor party “standards,” but it was a good night, nevertheless … plus, I haven’t seen this group of friends in quite some time.


The Rev said...

When I was a DJ in nightclubs, I used to love seeing a bachelorette party come in the door. Because it was a guaranteed party starter on the dance floor.

Like the bride to be who came up to me in the DJ booth once, and basically licked my neck and sucked my earlobe in order to get me to play her song.

It worked. She got her song.

schue said...

I don't mind that you didnt see boobies! I'm sure the girls in AC were dressed like strippers anyway.

-B- said...

At my bachelor party, we made the mistake of staying at the strip club too long - man that place cleaned out everyone's wallets completely!!! Another unfortunate thing - it was the first stop of the night!!

Jeff said...

That's your own fault. We once held a "bachelor-optional bachelor party" when the groom wouldn't go to the nudie bar.

Glad you had a good time.

Lisa said...

Nowadays it seems like girls in bars are half naked anyway, so you probably didn't miss much.

Glad you had fun ... AC and Brigantine are owees a good time.

...Barbra Peapod

(BTW, did you get to the Rod n Reel? That's my fave!)

7 games with 17 to go said...

Yeah but you left out the strippers part...

Re-post with that info.

Los said...

Rev - Bachelorette parties always make a bar "interesting."

Schue - In Game On, they were.

B - You can't START at a strip joint!!!!!

Jeff - I like the way you think.

Lisa - We were too bombed to make it there ...

ElP - Ummmm .... we didn't go there ...