Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekend of Los, Part 2

Sunday was part two of the weekend of Los … and I was looking for an improvement over the first part of the weekend … the plan was to see the Shine A Light movie on the Rolling Stones concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York, directed by the fabulous Martin Scorsese. My lispy friend Yon ordered the tickets for us (Schue, me, Ray-Ray, Christa, and Yon).

The plan was to enjoy dinner in King of Prussia prior to the movie – Schue suggested going to the Cheesecake Factory – I’ve never been there, but I heard it was fantastic … on a side note, Schue probably would like any restaurant with the word “cheese” in it.

We left for our destination about 2 hours before the show –but had to make a quick stop at Schue’s sister’s house, so that Schue could borrow a fancy hat and dress – Schue is going to the Kentucky Derby in a couple of weeks, and apparently females need to wear fancy hats to fit in.

We made it out to the King of Prussia Mall around 5:15 – plenty of time to eat. Unfortunately, a woman in distress flagged us down. The woman, of Asian descent, could not get her Mercedes to start. Unfortunately, the woman also had a very poor grasp on the English language, as well. Being the nice guy that I am, I pulled my car up next to her’s preparing to give her a jump. Problem number 1 – we couldn’t find the lever for the hood – it took us about 10 minutes to do so – it was located way, way underneath the steering wheel … one would think Mercedes would do a better job with this location.

Then, we had to take off a batter cover, and hook the jumpers to the battery. But, the way the battery is situated in the Mercedes, it was EXTREMELY difficult to do. Again, one would think Mercedes would have made this easier. We finally got the jumper cables hooked up, but the car still wouldn’t turn over. We instructed the lady to go to security for help. I’m not sure she understood us, though. By this point, we wasted nearly ½ hour, and didn’t have much time to eat. Predictably, the Cheesecake Factory had a bit of a wait, far too long of one for us, so we ended up eating at this “food-court.” Not quite what we had in mind, but it did the trick.

We made our way to the Imax theatre, got our tickets and found seats – the IMAX theatre in King of Prussia is beautiful by the way. As for the concert – Rolling Stones fans (like myself) would definitely enjoy this as they played some pretty deep album cuts … songs you don’t typically hear the Stones play in concert. Plus, they had some pretty cool special guests like Jack White (Loving Cup), Christina Aguilera (Live With Me), and Buddy Guy (Champagne and Reefer). A few bits from early Stones interviews were played in between songs, and they were rather entertaining. Sadly, Scorsese didn’t add any other back-stage banter during the concert – I think it would’ve added to the show. All in all, it was a good time, plus it was with good friends, which made it all the better.


Paige Jennifer said...

You really are too nice. I'd never sacrifice Cheesecake Factory for a broken down driver. Feh, someone else'll help.

Kathy said...

Sounds like fun!!!

Kathy said...

I think Vicky was always the mama. Although I am EXTREMELY young to know anything about that show...more of a "Full House" girl myself. Yeah. I know. Extremely young. And youthful. And vibrant.

Kathy said...

I think most of being a good parent is just following your instincts. If you lead somewhat of a stable lifestyle and you have some common sense then that will get you through most of the issues that come up. But I HIGHLY reccomend the book The Happiest Baby On The Block (you could probably read just the last half of it and be fine) the guy talks about the "cuddle cure" being able to calm ANY crying baby and it TOTALLY works. It's a really short book, take a look if you have the time!

Congratulations on the baby!!

scargosun said...

Hola Los, I found you thru kathy at Vote or Die. Glad to have found a fellow PA blogger as I stumble across the blogging community.

scargosun said...

Hey Los, thanks for the love on my blog. G-dog is a rescue too. We give her lots of love to make up for the 2 years she wasn't with us. :)

Los said...

Paige - Someday I'll make it to the Cheesecake Factory.

Los said...

Kathy - Oh, I'm not a Mama's Family fan, but I did like the Carol Burnett Show.

Scargosun - Welcome, phellow Philadelphian!