Thursday, September 04, 2008

No Ketchup? Seriously?

Some of you may already be aware of the affinity I have with fast food … if only it were healthy ... Now, I don’t go to fast food places very much anymore (maybe once every two weeks), but I have noticed something quite disturbing (and no, it’s not the calories, salt, or sludge) … actually, it’s much more troubling than that.

What am I talking about? I’m glad you asked (and if you didn’t ask, shame on you). KETCHUP PACKETS! I’ve always had this theory that they were getting smaller (although, I never took into account that I was getting bigger), but that’s a complaint for another day. No, my complaint takes ketchup packets in an entirely different direction.

Back in the day, I remember getting ketchup packets, salt, pepper, and almost any other condiment in my bag at a drive-thru window without even asking for it. As time went on, the drive-thru “waiters and waitresses” began asking if I wanted ketchup, salt, or pepper … I didn’t mind, just as long as I got my ketchup (it seems to taste better in the packets … again, a topic for another day).

Then, a few years ago, they totally stopped asking, just handing the bag out the window as soon as one pulled … not even giving the person a chance to ask for the ketchup packets. On a number of occasions, I’ve had to either ask for ketchup while I was ordering, or I’d have to ask very quickly while the attendant was shoving the bag against my noggin. I’ve noticed the eye rolls and sighs when I ask for the ketchup … this truly must be affecting their bottom lines.

I’ve seen a couple fast food places go so far as to stick someone who didn’t speak an ounce of English at the window, hoping that this tactic would help spare those apparently rare packets. And, I know what’s going to happen next (and I bet it’s going to happen pretty soon) – yep, they’re going to start charging for the ketchup.

Look, I’m a man who MUST have large amounts of ketchup to dunk his fries in. That’s probably also the reason I love Chick-Fil-A – because their waffle fries have a large surface area that helps to collect significant amounts of ketchup (yet again, a topic for another conversation). I can’t be dealing with any of these ridiculous ketchup packet wars – I NEED MY KETCHUP PACKETS! Has anyone else noticed this, or am I just becoming too paranoid about this?


Alaina said...

Hmmm. Perhaps we should call 20/20 and have them investigate? I'd watch!

jokermcc said...

Even more troublesome is that most places use Hunts or Fancy Ketchup( whatever that is ) instead on Heinz( the king of all ketchups ).

Jeff said...

You're right. You are paranoid.

Probably more because (insert low-wage job) used to be a crappy temporary job -- you'd learn how to work and deal with people, then move to something better. Now it's a crappy career. No wonder service details are ignored.

scargosun said...

Nope. Some places have signs that tell you you have to ask for them and GFfb if you need additional sauce for your nuggets, they charge you for it.

Not that I eat fast food anymore. Sigh...memories.

Melissa said...

I've noticed this! Even though I don't eat fast food much I have noticed that you almost have to beg for condiments. I'm a ketchup lover myself and can not eat fries without it!!

El Padrino said...


ketchup is abundant everywhere i go

Melissa said...

I know I already left a comment about this but I just had to tell you that I actually went through the drive thru at Zaxby's today and I asked for extra ketchup and only got 3 packs!!

Ink and Stone said...

I like dipping my fries in barbeque sauce... mmm, tasty.

Superstar said...

I tell them at the window that I need 10 packets. I somehow end up w/ enough for several.

PET PEEVE: When they roll thier eyes...I simply reply, "Thank you for doing your job". Smile. Drive off.

Reverse said...

I get the roll of the eyes at the Wendy's drive thru all the time.

Sunshine said...

I believe if you ordered food , you deserve KETCHUP... not one or two packets but ENOUGH FOR ALL THE FRIES!!!! And please do not down grade to other brands... HEINZ is where it is at... oh the ANTICIPATION!!!!!

The Rev said...

It's all George Bush's fault.

Barack Obama promises a minimum of 5 ketchup packets at every drive thru visit without having to ask. Change we can believe in!

Los said...

Alaina - Time well spent!

Joker - Yeah, I've seen a few places do this as well - uncool!

Jeff - But still ... I just want my ketchup!

Scargosun - I need to stay away from fast food places ... maybe, it's a sign.

Melissa - That is SO funny that you just experienced this!

ElP - Maybe New York is different?

Ink - Does McDonalds even have barbecue sauce?

Superstar - I need to do that as well!

Reverse - Those jerks!

Sunshine - I 100% agree with you!

Rev - Weird, I haven't heard him mention that yet...

Q said...

Yes! I knew someone else must have noticed this BS. It's a Wendy's thing. You have to ask for any condiments or seasonings you want. How annoying!