Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Weekly Homework Assignment

So, Momma's Losing It has given us another interesting homework assignment. The one I chose was: Write about a brief, but scary encounter with one of your old professors or teachers. Here goes nothing!

One time, when I was in 5th grade, A classmate of mine and I were walking back from recess with one of our 5th grade teachers, Mr. H - a relatively popular teacher, who normally had a good sense of humor, but was on the strict side ... still, most students loved him (and most of the girls had a crush on him).

Anyway, as we were walking back from recess, we got into a conversation about what music we liked. I'm not really sure how we got on this conversation, as I really didn't know anything about rock or pop music at this point ... I think I was still a few months away from beginning to listen to 98.1 WCAU FM ... Hot Hits!

Still, we began having this conversation. Mr. H claimed that he was a big fan of the Village People ... We snickered a little, and my friend said something along the lines of, "Oh, you're one of those people." Sadly, I had to follow that one up with, "Yeah, a homo!" Folks, I don't think I was 100% sure what a homo even was at this point ... unfortunately, that didn't prevent me from blurting that sentence out.

Mr. H. was obviously not amused ... in fact, he got quite ticked off at the two of us ... so ticked off, in fact, that he threatened to ban us from the upcoming Field Day, which was an annual competition that our elementary/middle school held, in which they divided the school up into two teams, and had us compete in a variety of events. This was held sometime during the last few weeks of school, and was basically an all-day recess.

I think I almost filled my pants up with enough feces to fertilize all of Lancaster. I didn't know what to do ... my biggest fear was my parents finding out about this and grounding me until middle age. My friend and I groveled for days (I think), until finally Mr. H. felt we learned our lesson, and forgave us. I don't think I ever talked to or looked Mr. H. in the eyes again.


The Rev said...

Mr H was kind of a weenie though.

Which friend was it?

Jeff said...

Mr. H as in Homo? Mr. Hand?

An assignment for Momma's Losing It: assign a topic that doesn't lend itself to Michael Jackson jokes.

Lacey in the Sky said...

So you're telling me Mr. H is gay? I hadn't even seen the guy and decided I had a crush on him... all the cool girls are doing it, you know?

And as for your comment on my post- What if the flat tire person is really a serial killer posing as the flat tire person to lure you to the side of the road so they can have some Los Stew for dinner? Eh?

Rhonda said...

Kids ALWAYS say things that they don't understand because at some point the heard someone else laughing at the darned word. Mr. H. went a little over the top on that one, though. Did he ever come out of the closet?

Rhonda said...

Oh yeah, and I wrote a nasty note to someone I didn't like in grade 5 (just a bad year all around) and called her..... ready for this?

Peanisse breath.

I got in trouble for what I said, but mostly I got in trouble for not spelling it correctly! lol

Melissa said...

Funny story!! I had several times where I used a word that I didn't really know the meaning of. It can be quite embarassing!

Tabi said...

I shouldn't laugh at your scary encounter but omg...I am laughing so hard! That is funny and it's funny how we think it's the end of the world when something like that happen at that age!

I remember calling my sister a whore one time when I was mad at her and I got in so much trouble and my mom asked me what it meant...I told her it was someone who wore way too much make up and looked like an ugly clown!! Hahaha...I remember still being in trouble but my mom laughing!

Solei said...

I'm sorry but I'm with tabi... LoL
this is just too funny!

but it's just so normal for kids to say a word or phrase that they have no idea what it means, just because they've heard somebody else say it. Guaranteed laugh everytime!!!

El Padrino said...

calling it like it is is not a bad trait

fuck mr. H

El Padrino said...

H for HOMO

Jennifer P. said...

My friend and I called our science teacher a dildo once. We had NO idea what it meant. He made us look it up in the dictionary and copy the definition 25 times. Good times. good times.

Did you learn your lesson? ;)

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

lol, thats pretty funny. So... was he or was he just upset you would talk like that? hmmm????

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

argh - kids are so silly -we hear something - think it's cool and sa yit. I hear silly things from my son now and he has no clue what he is saying.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh no! I swear us "class clowns" had to offend a lot of people before we were able to figure out how to be funny the right way. Oops.

Seriously though...doesn't everyone still joke about how the Village People are gay?? It's not like that was some new thing...he had to have heard that one before.

What a homo.

snowelf said...

Oh my! Los, I can totally imagine the fear that chilled through you right after you said that...yikes!!
I didn't have a scary teacher thing, I did say half of the f word once at the dinner table and then just trailed off... like fuuuu....
I about sank right into the ground. I remember my oarents just looked at me like "go on?"
Knowing my parents as adults, I'm sure they laughed their asses off about it later.


Sandi said...

So Mr. H. was pissed that you outed him?

Christina_the_wench said...

The fear teachers use to be able to instill in us. Where'd that trait go?

Los said...

Rev - Walt
Jeff - Don't think he's a homo ... like the idea of MJ jokes, though.
Lacey - Never said he was gay ... but he wasn't married, either.
Rhonda - I called a girl a whore once when I was young ... my mom heard me say it, and I said it was kind of like a horse.
Melissa - I've embarrassed myself NUMEROUS times.
Tabi - At the time, the worst thing that could happen to a kid was to be taken out of field day!
Solei - Agreed!
ElP - I can't prove he's gay.
Jennifer- I sure did!
Krazy - I never wanted to find out!
Tiaras - I remember not knowing what the middle finger was.
Mama - Guilty!
Snow - A scary moment indeed!
Sandi - Never found out.
Christina - I agree! That fear is needed!

Bob Kaelin said...

Mr. H was married. I had his wife as my second grade teacher. They are now since divorced but whatever.