Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wait, I'm missing something here, right?

There was a rumor out there recently that Pamela Anderson had been dating Michael Jackson … and to think, I always thought Pam had female genitalia … seriously, though, if this is true (and I’m finding it very hard to believe it is), what the hell was Pam thinking? Wait, I should probably rephrase that – Was Pam even thinking? Is she even capable of thinking?

If this rumor is true, would that reshuffle the deck with regards to the dumb female celebrities? Can Pamela Anderson even be considered a female celebrity anymore at this point?

And from Jacko’s perspective … isn’t Pam a little too old for his tastes? Oh yeah, and isn’t she a little too female as well? Is this the beginning of an MTV publicity stunt that will culminate in Jacko winning 3 MTV VMA’s in 2009?

And, from my perspective … why am I even wasting so much time on this story, anyway?


Reverse said...

Pam want's to know, "Who's Bad!"
Maybe she wants the, "Thriller!"

Mama's Losin' It said...

Actually this is just a ploy for magazine ratings. Pam is not currently dating anyone and she's actually not interested in dating. She wants to raise her kids and focus on being a Mom right now.

I know this because I spoke to her last night. And she reads my blog. She's disguised her identity so that people like you won't hound her for information.

Michael Jackson also reads my blog and he wants your number.

Lisa said...

Unfartunately, I bet he'll be the star of the VMAs next year ... include it in your 2009 predictions. After all, he's going broke so he's got to do something.

On the Pamela thing, maybe she just wantsta be startin sumpin.


Jeff said...

Barring a double mastectomy, she'll die a celebrity.

I might pay to watch him chase her around a parking lot with a wedding sack, like in Borat.

Sandi said...

It's definately a publicity stunt. Or she has become a scientologist and Like Lisa Marie Presley Pam was ordered to get involved with him to try to get his money (if he has any left, does he?)

And Michael is really after he sons, not her.

Heff said...

This CANNOT be true. If so, it's surely a sign of the Apocalypse.

Los said...

Reverse - Hey-yo!

Mama - What, no communication with Davey Jones (sorry, I just saw the Brady Bunch movie).

Babs - Oh, this will definitely be on the 2009 predictions blog!

Jeff - He can't stay out in the sun long, can he?

Sandi - Aliens think MJ looks weird.

Heff - Britney herself is a sign of the apocolypse ...

Zen Ventures said...

you should have added the troll in the picture line-up.That would have completed the ensemble :) Anyway, just hoppin over from Weith's. Glad to be here.


Christina_the_wench said...

Don't try to figure these freaks out. Our weirdness is nothing compared to them.

Is it just me, is anyone else repulsed at his nose? God, I can't even look at him. He reminds me of the kid catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.