Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dope or Nope ...

John Stewart and Steven Colbert are "launching" an anti-extremist political campaign ... aimed at the "70%" who are not extremists. Didn't know your thoughts on this. Are you offended that they are making a mockery of our political parties? Are you excited that somebody finally is addressing the ridiculous extremism going on in this country? Do you feel like John and Steven are finally giving you a voice? Whaddup?

Personally, I love this. I agree with some aspects of both sides - I think we probably put too much money in government. But, I fear that if we reduce government, corporations will become even more powerful. There are other issues, obviously - the pro-life vs. pro-choice movement has always been a hot-button topic, and the environment is big, not to mention the death penalty, and foreign affairs. Anyway, all we see on TV is mud-slinging, and no solutions.

So, to really bring out the fact that both parties are acting like children is a good thing ... in my mind, at least.

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paige said...

I feel out of the loop way the heck over here.