Saturday, October 02, 2010

Song of the Week ...

According to Wikipedia, "The Takeover UK is an American rock group from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Formed in mid-2004, the band released its first EP, It's All Happening in July 2008, and its first full-length album, Running With the Wasters, in March 2009, both for Rykodisc."

Funny how they use the "UK" in the title, considering they are American. Their hit song, "Ah, La La" was featured on the Hills (not that I'm watching The Hills), but please don't get the idea that this band is a "boy band." The sound is very similar to bigger bands like The Killers and Franz Ferdinand.

Ah La La has a catchy chorus, which ... surprise, surprise, consists of the words, "Ah La La," and has a surprisingly good guitar solo smack in the middle.

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