Friday, October 08, 2010

Fast Food Corner

I apologize to those fans who were anticipating my Fast Food Corner this past Saturday ... I was preoccupied with baby stuff (seriously, I was!). Anyway - I figured I'd post on Friday to appease your appetite (no pun intended).

French Fries seems to be the best side to a sandwich ... and in most cases, the only side offered. Burger King has been offering onion rings for years ... and folks, they are spectacular (which is a good thing, because BK's fries are awful). In fact, at this point, I'd much prefer the BK onion rings to their fries with any of my sandwiches purchased at said restaurant. They are the perfect mix of onions, bread crumbs, and grease.

One would think that other fast food restaurants would offer sides like this. Actually, Arby's does to an extent - with their jalepeno poppers and mozzarella sticks. McDonalds doesn't ... but with those fries, why would they need to.

Oh, and speaking of McDonalds, I think my blog worked in getting the word out! All McDonalds in my area are now once again offering the two cheeseburger value meal! Yee-haw! In fact, I think I'm going to go out and get it for lunch today!


Heff said...

I prefer the term "oil" over "grease", lol.

Kristin said...

omg - I love onion rings... now I want to go to Burger King... my ass doesn't thank you.