Sunday, October 24, 2010

Song of the Week

You've probably heard a song by the band "The Heavy" without even knowing it. The song - "How You Like Me Now" was on a recent Kia Sorrento commercial ... and folks, the song kicks ass! It sounds like a sort of a James Brown type of "Motown-ie" number, complete with a strong horn back-bone.

Even the lead singer tries to mimic James Brown at times. The chorus itself is addicting, repeating "How You Like Me Now," starting off with a whisper and gradually moving to a roar.

A very good homage to James Brown, as well as a refreshingly "newer" sound (than that overplayed Emo crap).

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-B- said...

Picked up the CD after hearing that commercial - the whole cd is pretty good. Bluesy at times, and gritty. Every song is a bit different - and they paint interesting pictures with the sound of their songs, almost like mini movie soundtracks. Check it out!