Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Canadian Frogs

I’ve been hearing a lot more talk recently about Quebec wanting to separate from the rest of Canada, so I figured I’d give my opinion on it (and I hope you share yours, as well).

Seriously, can the French do anything else at this point to make people hate them more? I guess we should call Quebec “France Light,” it’s not really a French colony … yet. But, why do this at all? Is the rest of Canada really that bad? I went to Toronto a few years ago, and thought it was a great city.

Maybe, the rest of Canada is too much like the U.S. at this point, and these frogs don’t want to be a part of it anymore. Maybe, Michael Jackson is behind this, and wants to move to Quebec, but only if they are no longer a part of Canada. I’m not really sure what the reason, but I do know that I like the French even less now.

Is speaking a different language than most of Canada a good enough reason to become a separate country? I say that it is not. Geez, if that was the issue, Florida, and most of California would be part of either Spain or Mexico (hey-yo!).

Most likely, it is because this Quebecers suffer from the illness known as “French Elitinitis.” Symptoms include shortness of size, rapid hair-growth in the armpit and leg areas of women, and an odor resembling feet … not to mention decreased penis size.

Since I haven’t researched the whole separatist movement issue in France, these are the only reasons I could come up with off the top of my head. So, I have a very negative opinion of the Quebecers. I’m hoping you can provide me better reasons as to why these frogs no longer want to be a part of Canada.


Reverse said...

F'n French!

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

Now now... I liked Quebec a lot when I visited it. Sherbrooke and Magog are nice towns, and Montreal is one of my favorite cities.

They are different from the rest of Canada. I will say that. The deeper you go into Quebec farther East, the more French it gets.

But, as far as separating from Canada, it's not liked they are a repressed nation under a communist regime like Lithuania was. I think it is overrated.

Superstar said...

I had no idea that Quebec ever stopped trying to seperate from Canada. I thought this has been a "rage" since the begining of their existance. Then again I am on the West coast so...I am WAY removed from the whole situation.

I can say, thanks to the French Quebec, I have learned enough french to get me in a WHOLE mess of trouble...provided I say and SPELL it correctly.

I hope this doesn't give Ca, AZ or TX idea's to become parts of Mexico. I refuse to own property in Mexico unless it has a unless the 10.0 earthquakes removes all of Cali...I am stuck in my oasis in the sand!!!! LOL ;o)

El Padrino said...

French suck. Canada is a wasteland.