Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Just a few tidbits to throw at ya, because I can’t think of anything else to write at the moment:

1. I’m excited for the new Superman movie that will be released in a few weeks. I am a little concerned though, because the last time I was really excited to see a movie, it was King Kong, and that movie never even got close to living up to the hype. It was 3+ hours of cool CGI, but it dragged on and I thought Jack Black was a poor choice for this flick.

2. I’ve been listening to a group called The Sounds a lot lately. They are a female group, and they pack a cool punch. Some of my friends say the sound is a little too poppy, but I’m o.k. with that. They have a neat mix of punk, power pop, and just a dash of Modern Rock. Give ‘em a spin.

3. I saw the movie Deuce Bigalow – the European Gigolo this weekend, and was thoroughly disappointed. I enjoyed the first one, and was hoping this one could follow in its footsteps. The jokes were poor, the comedic timing sucked, and they recycled far too many jokes from the first one. It got me to thinkin’, which sequels to original movies were as good or better than the first. I came up with Empire Strikes Back, the Godfather Part 2, and Airplane 2. Any others?

4. Congrats to the Carolina Hurricanes for winning the Stanley Cup. I hope this increases hockey’s popularity in historically “un-hockey” areas. It was bittersweet watching 3 ex-Flyers hoist the cup, and makes me really question whether or not Bob Clarke will ever bring a cup back to Philly. Of course, I have this question about all of Philly’s teams at this point.

5. I see a ton of Sonic Fast Food restaurant commercials on TV – it makes me want to try the place out. However, I think the closest Sonic is in Virginia, which makes me wonder why the hell this place is advertised in Philly … now, I know that these are probably national ads, but still.


Christina_the_wench said...

Yeah Canes! Chad LaRose, a rookie I saw play in the OHL is on the team. Been watching the whole finals. Man, I love hockey. I hope it regains more popularity in the states. Did I tell you I hate baseball with a passion and I am counting down the days until hockey season starts again? ~sigh~

El Padrino said...

Hockey stinks. I'm just glad a Canadian team didn't win.

Superman looks great. I'm more of a Batman guy though.

Ink and Stone said...

That Superman flick should be excellent. I'm also psyched for the Ghost Rider flick.

For movies - X-Men 2 was better than the first, I haven't seen the first one. Oh, and Freddy vs. Jason... that just rocked.

For music - Tool! I really dig the new album. It's good stuff.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

Answers to your sequel question.

Just as good as the original...

Terminator 2
Lethal Weapon 2
The Color of Money (sequel to the Hustler)

How about a couple of sequels that were way better than the first in my opinion...

Superman 2
Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

Sequels that were pretty good but not quite as good as the original...

Rush Hour 2
Rocky 2
Both Naked Gun sequels

I agreed with your selections except on Airplane. The Airplane sequel was pretty good, but nowhere near the original.

King Perkins said...

i don't like hockey but that game was exciting. i liked spider man 2 better than the first. the new superman looks like that guy who was in rushmore, jason schwartzman.

Christina_the_wench said...

~flicks a booger on Anthony~

El Padrino said...

Some people say Godfather 2 was better than Godfather....

Im jus sayin'.....

Also Bad Boys II was better than original and Bourne Supremacy may have been better then Identity...

Did the wench flick a booger on El Padrino?

Los said...

I know it is not stated anywhere, but this is a booger-free zone ... except for Smokin' - he's always been a booger.

Jeff said...

Steve got some of my list of sequels. Other good ones:
* Vegas Vacation
* Christmas Vacation
* Army of Darkness (which was the third Evil Dead movie, but pure Three Stooges, not horror)
* Shrek 2
* Predator 2

King Perkins said...

ooooh, predator 1 was a great movie. that's a tough call. army of darkness was/is a classic. shrek 2 was better then the first....is it ok to say that?

Superstar said...

AHHHHH Movies....

The Chronicles of Riddick was better than Pitch Black...

Batman Begins was better than all the other movies combined.

XXX was WAY better than XXX-state of the union.

Harry potter movies are getting more and more away from the details of the book...so my disappointment is in the script.

Sonic is where Becka and I came up w/ the word "democularized" ;o)

Jeff said...

Just to clarify: I make no claims about my list above being better or worse than the originals -- just that they were good.

A few I forgot:
* Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (but NOT Goldmember)
* American Pie 2, American Wedding
* Scary Movie 2, 3, 4 (stupid-and-funny, if not good)

And, of course: The Bare Wench Project 2: Scared Topless

Los said...

Good sequels, everyone. However, there are many that should've just never been made, like Superman 3 and Dumb and Dumberer.

Meet the Fockers was a pretty good sequel as well, even with Babs in it.

mollymcmommy said...

ok, this is random but want to say it anyway since you mentioned hockey

i was watching some soccer today where one of the players got hurt, he was rolling on the grass, kicking his legs. looked like he was dying, so they brought out a stretcher....and it was his fucking wrist that was hurt...WTF???? he was carried off in a stretcher cause of his wrist.

this shit would never happen in hockey.

and anthony....gotta say dude even though a canadian team didn't win, i'm sure half the canes are canadian, heck the goalie is from edmonton...so in a way, hell yeah!!! woop, woop, a canadian team won!!! LOL!!


Los said...

Actually, you are starting to see the dives and stuff in hockey with the new rules. That part of hockey needs to be addressed immediatley.

In soccer, the dives and acting has been going on for years. FIFA (the governing body of soccer) has been trying to address it for years. However, the refs have not yet been able to distinguish between acting and actual injuries. I propose that after the game, the game should be watched by officials, and anybody that is deemed to be "acting" should be awarded a card.

Jeff said...

I propose George Carlin's solution: put land mines in the soccer field.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

American Pie 2 paled in comparison to the first. I was a little disappointed in that one.

American Wedding though wasn't bad.

Dirty Birdie said...

Okay why has noone mentioned the best sequel ever ALIENS??

Other good sequels - Star Wars 3 was way better than the first two, mostly because JarJar didn't speak and because I was very cool to see Darth Vader take his first trademark breath.

Batman Begins was better than the last few but I wouldn't say all of them. The first and second ones were okay. The George Clooney one should be erased from history.

Scream 2 was good except they killed one of my favorite characters. Bastards.

American Pie 2 was way funnier than the firt, IMHO.