Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stoppage Time

That’s right, I’m jumping on the “cool titles to describe a bunch of little thoughts” bandwagon right along with El Padrino’s “Mango Salsa,” and Smokin’ Steve’s “Other Canned Meat.” In honor of the World Cup, I decided to choose “Stoppage Time” as my title – and if you don’t like it, give me a yellow card, so there.

1. I decided to watch “Mr. 3000” today, not because I heard it was a good movie, and not because I like Bernie Mac. Nope, the reason I watched it is because I tend to like sports movies. I didn’t go into this flick with the mindset that it was going to blow me away, and it ended up being average at best. A couple of points I wanted to make about the movie. First, the team they focused on was the Milwaukee Brewers, and if you know anything about baseball, you know that Bob Uecker is the announcer for the Brew Crew’s games. However, in the movie, Dick Enberg was the announcer. Even though I like Enberg, there is no way you can do a movie about the Brewers and not have Uecker announce. Secondly, this was a movie about the Milwaukee Brewers – and it is hard to really put your feelings behind this team – mainly because their owner has made a joke out of Major League Baseball. One would think that a team named for beer would be more popular, but for some reason this is not the case.

2. It seems like with each passing day it is becoming harder and harder to be a Phillies fan (let alone a Philadelphia sports fan). As most of you probably know, Brett Myers was involved in an incident in which he “allegedly” beat the crap out of his wife outside of a bar in Boston. Myers was one of the few bright spots as far as Phillies pitching goes. He is a home-grown talent - not that he grew up here, but he came through the minor league system, something that has been a rarity in Phillies baseball. Many fans have already turned their backs on Myers, and rightfully so. He needs to do a whole lot of apologizing and therapy sessions just to get the fans to give him a second chance. So, what does he say before yesterday’s game? "I'm sorry it had to get public, that's it. Of course, it's embarrassing." Sorry about it going public? I joked prior to this statement that Myers should’ve kept this spousal abuse behind closed doors. Apparently, he agrees. The man is beyond repulsive now, and fits in perfectly with the collapse of the franchise. I am embarrassed that he is on this team. I am embarrassed that the team let him pitch on Saturday. I am just plain embarrassed with this team in general.

3. I’m going to the Sammy Hagar concert this Saturday at the Tweeter Center in Camden. Just a few thoughts about this. First, the Tweeter Center is an excellent place to see a concert – if you ever get a chance, I suggest that you go. However, the location of the Tweeter Center is not the greatest. The center probably would’ve been located in Philly if we didn’t have a corrupt government and union running this city. Additionally, the Camden Aquarium and even the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame probably would’ve been housed in the “City of Brotherly Love” had it not been for the unions in the city. I’m not a union basher, by any means. I think they serve a purpose as long as they don’t get too powerful and corrupt (obviously). It’s been said before, but something needs to be done. As far as Sammy Hagar goes, I really enjoy his music. I liked him as a solo artist, and I also enjoyed him as the front-man for Van Halen (I won’t go into the “Sammy or Dave” topic, because (a) that could be a blog entry on its own, and (b) I am one of the few that like both probably equally). He puts on a great show, and interacts well with the fan. I have seen him with Van Halen (twice), and touring with David Lee Roth on another occasion (Roth looks older than mud at this point). The show should be a great way to kick of 4th of July weekend!


El Padrino said...

I issue you a yellow card!
One more and you'll be ejected from play!

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I'm one of the few who likes Sammy better than Dave.

Uecker is a legend, no doubt. But they probably couldn't sign him for the movie for some reason. He was so good in Major League 1 and 2.

Jeff said...

I give you Two Minutes for Roughing, which would also be a better title.

1. I've been to a Brewers game, and fans in Milwaukee hate Bud Selig as much as we do.

2. What Myers did is disgusting, but I don't get the sudden outrage. The public yawned when Iverson threw his wife out of the house, into the street, naked. Daulton beat his wife. Need I continue? Seems we care only because the Phillies aren't in first.

3. "The center probably would’ve been located in Philly if we didn’t have a corrupt government and union running this city."

New Jersey (!) is apparently less corrupt than Philadelphia.

Superstar said...

Shaking head
Los: Watching Mr 3000 is like 90 min you can never get back. I was so glad that I didn't Pay to watch it.
I can't wait to hear you take on Sammy.
I used to like VH w/ David. Then Sammy came along when David when off on his own...well say it was a sabatical... Have you heard him sing recently???

I can't wait to hear what you think. I promise I will not kibbits. ;o)

Los said...

I've heard his "rockabilly" tribute to Van Halen - can't say that I'll ever buy it. I liked Dave - I thought he was a great front-man. He was funny, athletic, and had a unique voice. Unfortunately, I don't think he is any of the above anymore.

Sammy brought a more serious touch to Van Halen - lots more ballads and serious songs. To me, they were two different bands - but I liked them both. I will give a recap after the concert.

Reverse said...

Hey, I watched Major Laegue 2 over the weekend... Sports movie... eh eh eh... look at me.

mollymcmommy said...

YAY! a concert!

i agree with superstar, watching that movie was not time well wasted.