Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Homework Assignment

It's time once again for Mama Kat's Weekly Homework Assignment! This week, I chose the following prompt: 10 reasons why you’re glad it’s Fall.

In no particular order ....

10. Football season! I love football ... college and pro. I can't get enough of it, probably partially due to fantasy football.

9. Halloween - I've always loved Halloween ... ever since I was a child. I can't wait to share Halloween with my daughter!

8. Leaves - I used to LOVE leaves ... especially jumping in them. Now, I have to rake them, and don't love leaves nearly as much ... but still love the colors.

7. Cooler weather - I can only take summer for so long ... it's nice to get a break from the heat.

6. Fishing - A few months of trout fishing in October and November ... I dig it!

5. The new fall TV season - I love The Office, Community, and a few other shows ... no more reruns!

4. Thanksgiving - I get to see my family, and I loves me some turkey!

3. Setting the clocks back - gives me an extra hour to sleep in!

2. Oktoberfest - Great celebration!

1. Baseball playoffs - go Phils!!!!


Reverse said...

and watching my kids play soccer. Good times.

Marvi Marti said...

We have similar likes for the season! Especially the football part!

Steph said...

I'll be a Phillies fan during the playoffs.

And I can't wait to set the clocks back.

El Padrino said...

favorite time fo the year, even when the baseball club is shitty

-B- said...

#6 - Can I tag along?! lol

and #9 beats all - the joy you will get sharing these holidays with your daughter can't be measured. Enjoy every minute of it bro.

Heff said...

# 1 thing I HATE about fall - Time change. Get off work, and IT'S DARK.

paige said...

Thanksgiving and Halloween! I always used to love fall because the hot, hot weather started to release its grip. Now I have nice weather all year but I still love fall. Sentimental me.