Sunday, April 03, 2011

80's Corner

Calgon became famous for a commercial they did in the 1980's ... The setting was a Chinese Dry-Cleaners or Laundromat (can't remember for sure). But one of the customers asked the owner, "How do you get your clothes so clean," to which the owner responds, "Ancient Chinese secret!"

The wife of the owner smirks, and says "Ancient Chinese secret, eh?" under her breath. She has a laundry basket filled with clothes and a box of Calgon.

Calgon had a second equally famous commercial in which a lady is stressed, and all she wants to do is take a bath. At the point of complete exhaustion, she screams, "Calgon, Calgon, take me away!" And the next thing you know, she is laying in a bubble bath, and a pure state of relaxation ... I believe the tub is even flying around space ...

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snowelf said...

That is one magical tub! :)