Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dope or Nope

Chad Occocinco is not letting the NFL lock-out slow him down ... in fact, he's apparently taking up another sport ... soccer. He used to play it as a child, and he's very athletic, tall, and fast. He's also a big soccer fan, or so he says. So, an MLS team gave him a chance to make their team, and guess what ... he made one of the MLS feeder teams as a reserve ... it's good publicity for both the MLS and Chad, but what do you think?

Chad Occocinco and the MLS ... dope or nope?


El Padrino said...


Four Dinners said...

Anyone who knowingly goes by the name Chad Occocinco is clearly unhinged...therefore..DOPE

Heff said...

The guy's a TOOL.


Jeff said...

What's the difference? It's still metric football.