Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fast Food Corner

Last week, I tried the Grilled McWrap at McDonalds ... This week I tried the Grilled Chicken Wrap at Wendy's (as promised). So, here's the comparison:

Honestly, there isn't that much difference. I would say that the tortilla wraps themselves are almost identical, and the "toppings" are about the same. If I had a gun pointed at my head, I would say the grilled chicken tasted a little better at Wendy's than at McDonalds. However, Wendy's price is a little more expensive - the wrap sells for $1.99 at Wendy's and only $1.59 at McDonalds

Wendy's Chicken wrap has about 260 calories, while McDonalds McWrap also has 260 calories ... with a little less fat (at least the Honey Mustard one does). So, they are almost at a dead heat ... now I have to find another fast-food joint that serves wraps to see if I can break the tie! Any suggestions?


Lisa said...

doesn't kfc have grilled chicken wraps? i had the grilled chicken there and it was tasty, but it wasn't the wrap.

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