Monday, October 29, 2007

The Butt-Guys!

This weekend was not like other weekends … no – I had tickets to go to the Penn State vs. Ohio State game in Happy Valley … the game of the year for Nittany Lions fans … and a chance for JoePa’s boys to take on the number one team in the land on national television … sure, they ended up losing, but I got some great stories!

First, since we got the tickets just a few weeks ago, we were unable to get a place to stay in or around State College … normally not a huge issue, except the game was a night game, and there aren’t many hotels to begin with … couple that with our 3-hour ride (that’s without traffic, folks), and it was going to be a looooooonnnnnnnggggg day.

No need to worry, my friend Ivan and I were up for the challenge. We brought some necessities … mainly consisting of beer, and were planning on sleeping in the truck after the game for a few hours, until traffic died down. “Thankfully,” we didn’t have to worry about that, as the Buckeyes were well on their way to kicking our ass by the end of the third quarter … that’s when we ended up leaving, beating traffic, and making it home at a “reasonable” hour … reasonable, as in 2:45 a.m.

However, there were a few more “highlights” to the trip. First and foremost, I ate at a Sonic for the first time ever. This has been a dream of mine since I first saw those goofy commercial about 10 years ago … problem was that Sonic hadn’t made it to Pennsylvania … however, if you are traveling out near Morgantown, a Sonic now awaits you! Let me tell ya something, folks, those burgers were awesome! The fries were very good to … and the selection is top notch! Plus, you get to order AND eat in your car, like a drive-in … very cool! We need one of these a little closer to Philly, darn-it!

As for the game, Ivan secured us some really great seats – right around the 10-yard-line about 30 rows up (this stadium sits 110,000 people, mind you). The weather, which was not-so-good the entire week, cleared up, and the conditions were perfect for football (in my estimation, of course). Just one problem with the tickets …. I was forced to sit next to a guy who apparently was related to a skunk … ladies, and gentlemen, the man stunk … it was as if he had taken a nap with a turd blanket. I swear, this guy must’ve crapped himself on more than one occasion that night … and he swayed like he was Stevie Wonder … I’m not sure he even realized where he was. Folks, I would’ve rather have watched the game in an overused outhouse in the middle of the summer … I thought this guy was going to at some point “share” the alcohol he had consumed for close to 12 hours with me … thankfully, he merely passed out … money well spent!

All in all, it was a great time – except for the game, of course.

P.S. I was able to take a picture of this pile-of-manure-of-a-guy ... however, blogger was uncooperative. I'll try to post this later.


Jeff said...

As if the game didn't suck enough ...

Some Butt-Guy jackass spray-painted "Bucks #1" on the Paternoville sign, which was to be auctioned for charity.

It's almost enough to root for Michigan to beat them. Almost. Guess I'll have to hope the ground opens up and swallows both teams.

At least you left before Morelli realized he hadn't yet thrown a bad INT.

Kristin said...

We don't have Sonic either... but we do have some smelly people.

ToddPacker said...

i think that same guy was sitting next to me at the florida/georgia game, too

snowelf said...

Ah! I'm almost afraid to see the picture!!

Sonic is absolutely delicious. We don't have them here either! :(


Mama Drama Jenny said...

"taken a nap with a turd blanket" is now my new favorite phrase.

Los said...

Jeff - I reluctantly will root for OSU against Michigan, so that the Big 10 can save face.

Oh yeah, Go Navy!

Kristin - After a few days, I can still smell that stench ... and no, it wasn't me!

TP - I think that guy may have spawned.

Snowelf - I will be making a return trip to Sonic some day!

Mama - I was pretty impressed with myself on that phrase!

-B- said...

That guy sounds like the guy I met in Vegas down in Old Town section last weekend that asked us if we wanted to buy some smelly farts!! Man, that guy was crusty - He tried to chase us down, but he had a bum leg so it was easy to outrun him!!