Sunday, October 07, 2007

King of the Dips**ts

Don’t know how many of you saw this, but a few nights ago at the Yankees vs. Indians game, LeBron James, basketball star for the Cleveland Cavs … and a guy who grew up not far from Cleveland, had a Yankees cap on at the game, and basically said that he hoped the Indians individually do well, but he hoped the Yankees would win. So much for all of that fan-support that you got in Cleveland, Bron-Bron, you front-running imbecile.

You know, I just expect sports players to be a little smarter than that. Even if he HAD grown up in the Bronx, he probably shouldn’t have been wearing that Yankees cap in Cleveland. What a douche-bag. He has even professed to be a Cowboys fan. Seriously, LeBron, is your favorite hockey team the Detroit Red Wings? Do you wish you were playing for the Lakers? If you had a chance to go to college, would you have gone to Duke? Do you change your favorite sports teams every year, depending on who wins?

Man, I used to like this guy. Now, I can’t stand him. You think his agent almost had a heart-attack that night? So much for all of that local advertising Bron-Bron could’ve made this year. I hope he tears both of his ACL tendons in training camp … then we can see him on the sideline with his New York Yankees three-piece suit. Did I mention I think this guy is a douche-bag?

What does he expect from the Cleveland fans now? Does he think they’ll forget about this? Unless he wins this city 3 championships, I’m pretty sure he’ll be about as popular in Cleveland as Jose Mesa and Ernest Byner (look ‘em up). I thought this guy was very mature for his age … now, I don’t think this guy has a clue what maturity means.

What a slap to the face of the entire city of Cleveland. I hope the Tribe sweeps the Bronx Bombers … then, I’d like to see somebody interview this heaping, steaming, pile of LeBron. My guess is that he’ll backpedal faster than a clown on a unicycle.

LeBron, I think I might like you less than Kobe now. Go figure.


Jeff said...

James basically said: I'm leaving for Madison Square Garden when my contract expires.

Why doesn't he show some balls and sit in the Dog Pound at a Browns game wearing a Steelers jersey and a Ravens hat?

At least now we know what spawned all those bugs.

The Rev said...

I hope he enjoys playing for Isiah Thomas.

minijonb said...

wow. that shows an amazing lack of tact on his part. i expected better from the boy wonder.

snowelf said...

Wow Los... I'm not huge on baseball...but holy crap, what an ass.

But, do you hate him more than Bonds? ;)


Superstar said...

I don't think I have ever felt that strong about a sports person.

I have to say, that after all that, I am sure he isn't worth more than a league minimum...

actually he should pay the team to be on it!

El Padrino said...

my condolences on the phillies

*holding back the smile

Eric said...

If I were an Indians it probably wouldn't bother me that much because there isn't a chance LeBron could name for you any baseball player that he hasn't met personally already. He doens't know crap.