Friday, December 26, 2008

2009 Predictions

For some reason, I didn't make any predictions for 2008 (or, at least I couldn't find the ones I made). I usually make these every year, so I figured I'd start them up again. So, without further pause (I couldn't spell adieu) ...

10. Andy Reid will start wearing a mumu on the sidelines, and will be accompanied by a bucket of "finger-lickin'" at all football games and press conferences. The man is a large, large man, and seems to be getting bigger by the minute. The universe thinks he's expanding at an accelerated rate.

9. Something extraordinary is going to happen to Michael Jackson ... I'm not sure if it's going to be a good thing, a bad thing, or both. I predict he'll either make a comeback (fueled by the MTV music awards ... much like they successfully did with Brittney), or he won't make it to 2010 (I'm not even sure if he's human anymore, to tell you the truth).

8. The Rolling Stones will announce another album and tour ... heck, they do this every 3-4 years, and by that count, they're due. This one will be sponsored by Geritol.

7. Something extraordinary is going to happen to one of the "Big 3" auto companies in the U.S. ... again, not sure if this will be good or bad ... One could close for good, two could merge, or one could decide to actually think outside the box and create cars that people want (here's to hoping it's the last one).

6. Our economy (and the world's economy) will make a recovery at some point in 2009 ... it will probably be towards the latter half of the year, but it's going to happen. Let's hope we see companies and CEO's that are more responsible and less greedy.

5. The Flyers will be the next Philly team to win a championship ... unfortunately, this may be the last NHL Stanley Cup handed out ... the league is in trouble (suggestion - let's move some of these teams out of Florida, Atlanta, and Nashville, and put them back in Canada, where they'll flourish).

4. A buddy flick featuring Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman will be made ... OK, I actually don't think this is going to happen, but I wish that it would ... I'd even watch a reality show with these two guys at this point.

3. Roger Clemmens will be indicted for lying about steroid use ... again, this is probably more of a hope than a prediction ... the guy has thrown his friends and family under the bus ... he deserves this (Barry Bonds has no friends, so he was unable to throw any of them under the bus).

2. Michael Vick will be invited to some NFL team's training camp ... the hope is that Jerry Jones takes a chance on him, so that the Cowboys have a monopoly on all of the players with "questionable" characters in the league.

1. ESPN will stop discussing an NCAA Division 1 playoff for football, now that they have the rights to the BCS bowl games until 2014 ... it no longer is to their advantage to have one.


The Rev said...

move some of these teams out of Florida, Atlanta, and Nashville, and put them back in Canada, where they'll flourish

Yeah, cause that worked so well for the Winnepeg Jets, the Quebec Nordiques, and that other Canadian hockey team that I'm probably forgetting.

snowelf said...

I love these--I can't believe you didn't do them last year...I could have sworn you did too... Time does fly, I guess.

10. I think we'll see Andy Reid in a Slim-Fast commerical! ;)

9. MJ will be the first successful cyborg.

8. I know how much you love them, so I won't pick on the 'Stones.

7. I think some of the car companies will merge too--perhaps they will become a trifecta with a mortgage company. Cars AND Houses in one loan--EZ Credit at 65% interest!!

6. All companies will Go Green saving them millions of dollars and then "environmental experts" will be banking on the money the companies pay them to advise them. Al Gore will sleep soundly at night. The newly rich environmental experts will save the world by recycling their money back into the market. ;)

5. Poor NHL... maybe they should Go Green too...

4. Webster and Arnold!?!--that's just asking for a wrestling match! ;) I think we should throw in the Two Corey's as well.

3. Roger Clements... ugh.

2. hahahahahaha! Nice.

1. I don't watch enough ESPN to comment--I get a lot of my sports info from your blog now actually. :) (Thanks Los!)

Wishing you and Schue a great 2009!!!