Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sports Rant of the Week

Since I watch far too much sports, I figured I'd add a sports rant of the week (or every two weeks or something like that) to this blog ... what the heck ... I have a lot to say ... or blog.

The obvious choice for me to rant about this week is the T.O. situation in Dallas. I think nobody can dispute that from an athletic perspective, that the guy is a big play threat who makes your team better. However, his off-the-field antics, and his "me-first" attitude literally kills teams. He's left two carcasses in his path already in Philly and San Fran (San Fran is still trying to turn things around), and he's about ready to knock off the Dallas Cowboys.

I guess the real shocking thing for me is that the honeymoon has lasted this long. Maybe T.O. was kept in check by the strong personality of Bill Parcells, who instilled fear in all his players. Maybe, T.O. was happy with the 13-3 season last year. Maybe he was playing for a contract (which he got this year). But, at some point, his enormous ego (and his tiny self esteem) had to get in the way.

And you know what? It couldn't happen to a better team. Jerry Jones decided to eliminate a strong-willed coach who wouldn't be a puppet for him, and replaced him with the perfect puppet. Then, Jones decided to forego player character (he already brought T.O. in against the Big Tuna's wishes) by adding Tank Johnson and PacMan Jones to the Cowboys ... heck, even the Bengals were jealous.

Now, this team is struggling to stay together ... a team that had more than enough talent to compete for a Super Bowl ... now, they're competing (and fighting) just to make the playoffs. Here's to hoping this thing blows up in Jones's face.


Jeff said...

Unfortunately, am unable to watch Ray Lewis take T.O.'s head off tonight. Thank you, NFL Network!

Melissa said...

I agree.... T.O is so full of himself and NOT a "team" player!!

Sunshine said...

I couldn't agree with you more... T.O. is a virus and any team he touches slowly fades and once he leaves they regain their dignity back... there is life after T.O. right Philly? Gooo Steelers!!! : ) You know I couldn't resist that! Merry Christmas from one side of the commonwealth to the other!

snowelf said...

The picture you picked to go with this is great!
And you're right--I think McDonald's does have some kind of contract with God. Their fries are the best fries in the fast food universe.


Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

-B- said...

I agree - and like you I'm surprised it took this long. I thought the team would begin to implode shortly after he got there.

Snowelf - watch the dvd extras of Super Size Me where he does his little McDonalds "experiment". Those fries are not of this Earth!!! (I still eat them though). lol

watch here

Sandi said...

God I hate T.O. I can't believe anyone would want him on their team.

Heff said...

I watched that game, but was too intoxicated to remember the outcome.

Crassius Maximus said...

T.O. is an idiot, no doubt. This team's failure has more to do with not having Felix Jones and Marion Barber together for most of the season.