Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weekly Homework Assignment - It's Tooth-riffic!

I had trouble this week choosing Mama Kat's homework assignment. You see, I don't really have any allergies, I haven't really taken any new roads in a long while (plus with GPS, these aren't that "unexpected" anymore), my wife hates mice, and I trust that most (if not all) of my friends are good listeners (I talk too much).

so, with that said, I chose my worst dentist experience ever. Unlike most kids, I actually enjoyed going to the dentist ... probably because I was so proud of my pearly whites. My dentist often said that I had fantastic teeth, and that, with the exception of a small overbite, I had a perfect set of teeth. Why wouldn't I want to go back to this guy?

I never had a cavity ... ever ... until I turned 14. I remember sitting in the dentist's chair, and noticed him picking at one of my teeth repeatedly with that metallic tool that he used (sorry, I have no idea what the name of this is). Finally, he took note of it, and continued the cleaning. After he was finished, he gave me the worst news ever ... my perfect teeth were no longer perfect anymore ... one of them contracted a cavity.

How could this be? I brushed twice a day, and was a damn good brusher (if I do say so myself). He scheduled me to have the cavity filled ... the days leading up to this "event" were dark for me ... I lost my smile. I was sad. I was like everybody else ... flawed. The big day came ... did I mention I was afraid of needles?

The dentist sat me in the chair, basically went through what he was going to do, and then got the needle. "You'll feel a little prick at first," he said (yeah, but what about the needle? Hey-yo!). The initial pain was substantial, but it immediately disappeared. I actually thought it was kind of neat seeing the dentist work on my mouth, watching the smoke waft out of my mouth, and not feeling any pain. The actual process wasn't so bad ... maybe I was more fearful of the needle then actually having a cavity.

I've had one other cavity filled since, but I also had my wisdom teeth pulled, but the percoset (sp?) more than made up for the process.


Jeff said...

Jeez, could you lob us more softballs? We're good fakers, not good listeners. Your only flaw was a cavity? You had a purdy smile. Etc.

When my wisdom teeth were removed, I tripped out on the anesthetic and kept trying to squeeze the needle out of my forearm. The last thing I remember was the doctor telling the nurse to put me under. Amazingly, I didn't need the pain medication and gave my entire dose to my brother (our extractions were the same day).

Rhonda said...

My brother one year had 12 cavities! I kid you not! lol
And I have yet to have wisdom teeth out. Hopefully I will never have to, but my (other) brother's came in at 35. Sigh. Just push me in front of a bus!

blueviolet said...

I'm slightly scared of you now. Nobody should enjoy the dentist.

Melissa said...

I think dentists give you the good happy pills to make you forget how you really feel about them!! :)

Michelle said...

You are lucky you didn't have a cavity until you were 14.

Lisa said...

Kal, liking the dentist is weird. Nobody likes the dentist. I want one that gives you anesthesia no matter what they're doing ... even cleanings. I wonder if they exist? ... babspeapod

Heff said...

My wisdoms need to come out, but I'm hangin' on to 'em for dear life !!

snowelf said...

That wisdom tooth thing always makes me squirm!! I have been lucky not to ever have mine bother me, and they can stay that way if I have my choice in the matter. :)


snowelf said...

p.s. Congrats on the new TV!!! :)