Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We were supposed to go Christmas tree shopping last Thursday ... and, as luck would have it, it rained ... not just a little steady rain (if that were the case, we would've still gone out), but it was more like "God's plumbing broke" raining. We decided to wait until Friday to get our tree, and we noticed some "interesting" advertising ... "Trees $20 and up." However, the "and up" was so small, one couldn't even see it.

It seems as if every place selling trees pulls this. I feel like such a "sap" (sorry 'bout the pun) for even going to these places ... We ended up going to a local fire company to buy our tree, mainly because we feel that the money is better given to a place like this (even though we were basically getting raped).

The tree is ok ... actually, it looks great now, with all of the ornaments on it, but it didn't look very full. I think it plays to our advanctage that it isn't that full, because you can see all of the ornaments better ... and believe me, we have a ton of them ... from disco balls, to a bacon and eggs ornament, to mermaids, to the woman's leg ornament (from A Christmas Story) ... it looks like Santa Claus threw up on our tree ... but in a good way.

Actually, we probably have so many ornaments, that we could buy a second tree ... this one would be an artifical one, though ....

A quick shout out to Babs for helping to decorate the tree ... Thank you so much for keeping my wife company!


Jeff said...

Fiber-optic tree. OK, you can't hang ornaments, but easy call for allergic people like me.

snowelf said...

We have a nursing home here that a tree farm donates a bunch of trees to and all of the trees are $25.00 no matter what shape or size--which I think is a great price for a tree--and all of the proceeds go to the nursing home. I haven't had a real tree in a long time, but if I was going to get one, I'd get one from there. I think it's great that you guys got your tree from the fire station--which is also an excellent cause.

I hope you guys (and Babs) had a blast decorating!! :)


The Rev said...

For $25 bucks, you can buy an artificial tree. You can use it every year, and it doesn't kill a tree.

You know, if trees could scream, no one would cut one down.

Heff said...

I go artificial as well. Not because I give a damn, it's just easier and cheaper, lol.